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12 Tips for Connecting with Prickly Teens on the Families Matter Show

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Listen today to the Families Matter show at 4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific. Hosts Virginia S Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook will be talking with Author Brad Wilcox.
Brad Wilcox is an Associate Professor at Brigham Young University where he also works with such programs as Especially for Youth and Campus Education Week. He grew up in Ethiopia, Africa, and has also lived with his family in New Zealand and Chile. He is the best-selling author of many books, including Tips for Tackling Teenage Troubles, The Best-Kept Secrets of Parenting, and Straight Talk for Parents: What Teenagers Wish They Could Tell You. His children's picture book, Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae! was a top finalist for the Children's Choice Award in Utah. He is a popular speaker and has presented throughout the country and internationally. You can learn more at and

The Best-Kept Secrets of Parenting authors Brad Wilcox and Jerrick Robbins are back with a new parenting book, this time focused on our prickly young friends: teenagers. How to Hug a Hedgehog: 12 Keys for Connecting with Teens explores ways parents can help teens improve communication, overcome adversity, and build self-esteem with 12 specific keys and a variety of examples and sources.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Empowerment Show - 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know

The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, author interviews, self-help and much more. Today on The Empowerment Show the hosts will be chatting with Mom Blogger Kari Kampakis.

When Kari Kampakis wrote a blog post in July 2013 titled "10 Truths Young Girls Should Know," the post went viral and was shared more than 65,000 times on Facebook. Her message stuck a chord with moms and dads across the country. Teen girls deal daily with cliques, bullying, rejection, and social media nightmares. Kampakis wants girls to know that they don't have to compromise their integrity and future to find love, acceptance, and security.

Kari Kampakis is a newspaper columnist, blogger, and former children's photographer from Birmingham, Alabama. Her writing has been featured on HuffPost Parents and reflects her passion for family and God. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Kari holds an MBA and public relations degree. She and her husband, Harry, live in blessed chaos with their four daughters and a dog named Lola.

Learn more about Kari and her work here.

Join us Today at 4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific for a discussion about families, communication and much more. The discussion is open to callers and comments/questions in the chatroom.

The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, author interviews, self-help and much more. You can also follow us at, our blog, and on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Being a Teen is Hard Enough - Shadow TEARS, A Coming of Age Paranormal YA Fantasy Novel

Title: Shadow Tears
Author: A. J. Tupps
ISBN: 978-1-61244-310-2
Page count: 302
Genre: Young Adult – Coming of Age Novel
Price: $16.95 for paperback and $5.99 e-book

About the book:
Shadow Tears is the first book in a series. In this book you meet Selena Goodwin who discovers more about her heritage than she ever wanted. She has special abilities that are fascinating while others are frightening to her.  All her beliefs are tested when she finds out that the mortal rules don’t apply to everybody or everything.  Her knowledge of the supernatural and myths might become her only means to survive.  She must accept who she is meant to be. 

Being thrust into a world full of secrets, danger, and a family she didn’t know existed is overwhelming, not to mention a responsibility. Luckily she still has the love and support of her adoptive father who had known all along who she is meant to be.  To make things worse she discovers her very existence is threatened by an unknown enemy.  The normal obstacles of being a teenager are hard enough. Now she has to learn how to live a lie while falling in love and accepting her life as it was meant to be. High school is supposed to be the best years of your life. 

Selena must rely on strangers who she is not sure are reliable. The only person she can rely on must stand between her and the possibility of death.  Selena faces these realms with reality always reminding her she is fallible. Yet she can overcome anything with the love of her family and friends.  

Author Bio:
Aimee Tupps grew up in a small farm community in Connersville, Indiana.  She currently resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  In her spare time she enjoys daydreaming, traveling, sunsets, the outdoors but most of all spending time with her family.  As a young girl she entertained herself by living adventures from her imagination.  Aimee looks at every day as a blessing and another day to make her dreams a reality.  She is still in touch with her inner teenager and enjoys the mischief she can get into. Family is one of the most important things in her life.  She has a degree in Medical Transcription.  Currently she works as an optical technician/tester.  She has one adoring husband who joins in her mischief or is the recipient of it along with her two loveable children and one hyper dog. 

Shadow Tears is now available on the Halo Publishing website,, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Bowker Books, Ingram Distributing, B. Dalton, and many more

Author Website:

Twitter URL: AjTupps@AjTupps

Facebook URL: 

Monday, December 8, 2014

"Oliver in the Bath" has won the National Parents Publication Gold Award

Think foreign language acquisition is a must? Ready for a mash up of the old-fashioned pop-up book plus a hidden-pictures game with a whole lot of exciting new technology thrown in? What’s more, are you ready to experience all this fun in two different languages – neither of which has to be English – simultaneously?

"Oliver in the Bath" the new, award-winning eBook/story app by the sister writing team of L. B. Kovetz and J. P. Kovetz takes children’s media to the next level, combining the interactive experience of an app with a book that children can hold in their hands.

"Oliver in the Bath" is based on the simple but universal story of a boy named Oliver who doesn’t want to get into the bathtub. Once he’s in, he doesn’t want to get out! As Oliver and his mom imagine what his life would be like if he never left the bathtub, hidden games and pop-up animations appear, making this a reading experience the authors call "crazy fun and totally engrossing."

At the same time, with a simple click, kids can see the words or hear native speakers read the text of this charming and universal story in two different languages – any combination of English, French, Spanish, or Chinese.

The authors explain, "We wanted a book like this for our own kids. We believe that the ability to communicate in other languages is practically a super power, so we created an experience that would introduce our children to a whole world of language in a way that was fun for them. The future belongs to those who embrace multiculturalism. Getting kids involved in an unfolding storybook is the best way to put that right into their hands."

"Oliver in the Bath" has won the National Parents Publication Gold Award, the Parents Choice Approval Award, the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, and a bronze medal in the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Author: L. B. Kovetz and J. P. Kovetz are a sister writing team from New York City. The owners of Flying South Publishing, a true independent publisher utilizing new technology to create interesting work in novel formats, they have also created a three-CD set of nursery rhymes set to jazz featuring top talent (Taj Mahal, Cybil Shephard, Billy Preston). In addition, "Oliver Stays Up," the sequel to "Oliver in the Bath," will be available November 1, 2014.

Oliver in the Bath; Authors: L. B. Kovetz, J. P. Kovetz; Illustrated by L. B. Kovetz; Flying South Productions; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Foreign Language Study; Paperback: 978-0972499903, $13.30; iPad App: $1.99,,

Friday, December 5, 2014

Philanthropic publishing company’s award-winning books benefit children and nonprofit organizations

Award-winning author Sharon Thayer has known hard times. After her business came to a screeching halt following 9/11, she awoke one morning and wrote a story about Santa’s beard. At the time, she had no goal in mind or even a particular desire to be an author. In fact, she wasn’t even much of a reader, thanks to her lifelong struggle with dyslexia.

Time passed, and Thayer set her story aside in order to make a living and raise her three children. In the summer of 2012, with her sixtieth birthday approaching, she made a monumental decision to have "The Myth of Santa’s Beard" published and to sell the books to benefit nonprofit organizations.

Sure enough, profits from her book sales allowed her to donate books to Ronald McDonald houses, to organizations working with abused children, to shelters, and to a food bank that included the book in each family’s Thanksgiving basket.

That fall of 2012, "The Myth of Santa’s Beard" won an EVVY Award for Children’s Picture Books from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association; in 2013, it won a Bronze Medal in the category of Holiday Books from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Now, Carousel Publishing is committed to bringing this popular book to an even greater audience to benefit additional nonprofit organizations.

This delightful story tells how a problem is growing – literally growing – at the North Pole in the form of Santa’s beard, which begins growing every time children share, play fair, do their best, and tell the truth. Soon, with so many good children every day, Santa’s beard becomes a hazard. Before long, he can’t walk or talk or even make the toys!

One night, while Santa is asleep, Mrs. Claus and the elves concoct a plan. All Santa will have to do is choose the best-behaved kids from his "Good" list to receive a lock of his long white beard. The children are rewarded for their wonderful behavior, and Santa’s beard gets a greatly needed trim.
Beautifully illustrated by Marci Chambers, "The Myth of Santa’s Beard" includes messages about ethics and values, the magic of Santa, and a snippet of his long white beard to remind children to be good all year long. The book also comes with an envelope in which to mail the book to a child from the North Pole.

Thayer notes that the mission of Carousel Publishing is to have every book benefit a nonprofit organization. Many options are available, including those listed below:
  • Through Carousel Publishing’s WOW! Program, individuals or businesses may purchase books at wholesale prices to gift to their favorite nonprofit organization; this option opens the door for creative holiday group giving projects
  • Corporations or individuals may sponsor books that are donated to organizations that make requests through Carousel Publishing
  • Nonprofit organizations, schools, and day care centers may purchase books at wholesale prices for fundraising or other events
  • Anyone is welcome to sponsor upcoming or custom written books that focus on a chosen message
  • Carousel Publishing fills the requests to organizations that are not matched with a sponsor
The author comments, "All my books contain quality of life messages and are sold to benefit nonprofit organizations." She adds, "Parents and grandparents love this particular story that reinforces ethics and values, and children treasure the book and snippet of Santa’s beard."

"What a delightful story! The ‘little kid’ in me loved reading ‘The Myth of Santa’s Beard,’ and now I am making my list of all the children I know who would love this sweet book as a holiday gift!" ~ Donna DeNomme, award-winning, internationally-published author of Turtle Wisdom and Ophelia’s Oracle

AUTHOR: Sharon Thayer has been writing children’s stories for the past thirteen years and is now beginning to publish her stories in three different series – The Holiday Series, The Inspirational Series, and The Memorial Series. Her award-winning book "If You Tell Me, I Can Fly!" is the first book in the Inspirational Series; it received the 2014 Bronze Moonbeam Children’s Book Award and four EVVY awards from Colorado Independent Publishers Association. She raised three children and owned various businesses, including a day care center, while living in Colorado. She now lives in Texas near her four grandchildren and works fulltime writing and publishing.

#   #   #

Carousel Publishing
Category: Children’s Fiction, Illustrated Picture Books
The Myth of Santa’s BeardAuthor: Sharon Thayer; Illustrator: Marci Chambers, Soft Cover: 978-0-9766239-0-8, $9.95
If You Tell Me, I Can Fly! Author: Sharon Thayer; Illustrator: Linda Nagy; Hard Cover: 978-0-9766239-1-5, $11.95

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Award-winning bilingual picture book - How Chile Came to New Mexico

No one really likes bland food, but how indeed did the renowned chile plant make its way north from the Valley of the Aztecs to New Mexico?

In "How Chile Came to New Mexico," the second book in his award-winning series, Rudolfo Anaya, considered the dean of Chicano literature, imagines a stirring tale replete with romance, adventure, and the influence of many cultures.

This bilingual picture book opens in a Pueblo village along the Rio Grande with an age-old dilemma: how can Young Eagle convince Sage’s father to let him marry her?

Sage’s father, who is tired of the bland corn and meat his people eat, offers Young Eagle a challenge: if the young brave will make the long, arduous journey south to the land of the Aztecs and return with the famed chile seeds that are said to transform the taste of food, he will permit his marriage to Sage.

Sage places a turquoise necklace around Young Eagle’s neck to protect him, and the young brave’s quest begins. Like all journeys, it contains many significant obstacles, including a whirlpool in a river, a giant vulture, a tumbling boulder, and an immense canyon. Buoyed by his love for Sage, Young Eagle is determined to meet each challenge and return home with the priceless fruit that makes bland food taste so good.

Translated by Nasario García with illustrations by Nicolás Otero, "How Chile Came to New Mexico" has received significant critical acclaim:
• It has been selected/purchased by the State of New Mexico’s Public Education Department for the Governor’s 1st Grade Initiative and has been given to first grade students throughout New Mexico
• It won Best Book Design, Best Bilingual Children’s Picture Book, and Over-All Best Book in the 2014 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards
• It received a gold medal from the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards in the category of Best Multicultural Picture Book

Media contact Paul Rhetts comments, "This book extols the importance of cultures working together. We are all bombarded on a daily basis with news of hate and bias against other religions, cultures, and lifestyles, but ‘How Chile Came to New Mexico’ gives a fresh look at the good that happens when people honor and respect each other’s differences. After all, America is a land of many cultures living together."

The book concludes with a glossary of New Mexico Spanish, standard use Spanish, and English translations.

"The charming, tasty tale, blending adventure and young love, credits the Pueblo people for introducing chile to what is now New Mexico." ~ David Steinberg, Albuquerque Journal

Author: Rudolfo Anaya is considered the Father of Chicano Literature. His first book was "Bless Me Ultima," which won countless awards and was recently made into a critically acclaimed movie. The first book in his children’s series, "How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico," won the Best Book in the New Mexico–Arizona Book Awards. "How Chile Came to New Mexico" has also been nominated, with awards presented in November. Rudy has written books for adults, children, and young adults as well as plays, poetry, and essays. He is a retired professor emeritus from the University of New Mexico and has received the National Medal of Arts among many other awards and honors; he lives in Albuquerque.

How Chile Came to New Mexico; Written by Rudolfo Anaya; Illustrations by Nicolás Otero; Translation by Nasario García; Publisher: Rio Grande Books; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Children’s Picture Books; Hard Cover: 978-1-936744-20-6, $24.95; Availability: Ingram, Baker & Taylor,,,


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