Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WOI: Celebrate Early Childhood Tooth Loss on The Families Matter Show

Welcome to BTR's featured World of Ink Network. Today, Wed. March 25th (6pm Eastern - 5pm Central - 4pm Mountain - 3pm Pacific) on The Families Matter show, the hosts will be chatting with author Ingrid Bencosme, a former schoolteacher, about her interactive book for children, TEETH FAIRIES.

TEETH FAIRIES is a new, interactive book and doll set celebrating a child’s tooth loss process. From the age of about 5 to 12, the average child loses twenty baby teeth. That’s a lot of visits from the Tooth Fairy! This process is an exciting and sometimes stressful time for both children and parents.

This is a fantastic tool for moms and dads to help their kids get excited about losing their teeth and wanting to take care of their dental health!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New York Times Bestselling Author Andy Andrews Releases New Children's Book

Henry Hodges was one of the loneliest boys around. He didn’t have any friends who lived near him, and his house was the last on a dead-end street.
Each day, he swung on his old tire swing, often feeling bored and alone.
His parents often reminded Henry that he was, in fact, very special. They offered to help Henry find the perfect new friend…it wouldn’t be a boy or a girl, but a pet who, like Henry, was one-of-a-kind. When they went to a pet rescue shelter, Henry’s lonely world was changed!
At some point, almost every child struggles with feeling like they don't fit in or are left out, just like Henry Hodges. From New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews, this playful and hilarious rhyming story, complete with charming art, offers comfort to children who feel left out or are in need of a good friend. This book will be a favorite among children and parents who love dogs and, ultimately, will comfort and encourage children who struggle with feeling accepted and finding friends. 
Hailed by a New York Times reporter as "someone who has quietly become one of the most influential people in America," Andy Andrews is a best-selling novelist, speaker, and consultant for the world's largest corporations and organizations. He has spoken at the request of four different United States presidents and recently addressed members of Congress and their spouses. Andy is the author of three New York Times bestsellers. He and his wife, Polly, have two sons.
About Tommy Nelson Tommy Nelson® is the children’s division of Thomas Nelson. As a leading provider of Christian content, Tommy Nelson publishes a wide variety of high-quality, enjoyable products that are consistent with the teachings found in the Bible. Tommy Nelson’s award-winning products are designed to expand children’s imaginations and nurture their faith while inspiring them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. For more information, visit
By: Andy Andrews  
Thomas Nelson
On-Sale Date: March 10, 2015
ISBN-13:  9780529115768
Price: $14.99

Monday, March 23, 2015

WOI Special with Acclaimed Director, Alejandro Monteverde

Welcome to BTR's featured World of Ink Network. Today, Monday March 23rd (4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific) we have Acclaimed Director Alejandro Monteverde as our guest. He will be chatting about his newest movie LITTLE BOY (starring Kevin James, Michael Rapaport, Jakob Salvati, Emily Watson, and Ali Landry, and is produced by heavyweight TV and movie producer, Mark Burnett).

Set during the height of World War II, the film centers on a little boy, Pepper Flynt Busbee (Jakob Salvati), who is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War II so that he can bring his father home. Through his struggle, Pepper learns lessons of morality, such as the value of self sacrifice, how to face the town's bullies (at times hilariously depicted), the importance of racial equality, and many lessons in between.

This heartwarming family film expertly captures feelings similar to those recognizable in so many great American movies.

See the movie trailer at
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Friday, March 20, 2015

WOI: The JNP Project, a movement for children on The Empowerment Show

Welcome to BTR's featured World of Ink Network. Today on The Empowerment Show, founder Dona Rudderow Sturn will be chatting with our hosts Irene Roth and Traci McDonald about the first two books in JNP's multi-book series, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome.

The Empowerment Show will air live on March 20th at 4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific

Kids, parents and educators will all enjoy the interactive website, It features an adult public Forum, Members Only Private Q&A Professional Forum, a Forum for Kids to talk to Jane & Jake directly, downloads, and more. JNP gives parents, teachers, caregivers and counselors the tools to help children develop confidence, strengthen self-esteem, and grow into assured leaders.

In addition to a focus on building children’s self-esteem, JNP offers both unparalleled artistry and collaboration among published international authors in the story development. The 31 chapter-books, set in three series, are available in traditional as well as digital interactive book formats.

The JNP Project was born out of the understanding of what makes up the faces of our inner awesome.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

“Aram Haigaz captures the stark tragedy of the Armenian Genocide in one boy’s remarkable story of suffering and survival. This English translation is as riveting and heart-wrenching as the original in Armenian, and, on the occasion of the Genocide’s centennial, is essential reading for all.” 
--Vartan Gregorian, president, Carnegie Corporation of New York; former president, The New York Public Library

FOUR YEARS IN THE MOUNTAINS OF KURDISTAN is a remarkable first-hand account by Aram Haigaz, an Armenian-American author and youthful survivor of the Armenian genocide of 1915. Haigaz was only 15 when he lost his father, brothers, many relatives and neighbors to the month-long attack by the military forces of Ottoman Turkey.  He and his mother were put on a forced march and deportation of Armenians into the Syrian desert, as part of the systematic destruction of the Christian Armenian population in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire. His mother urged Aram to convert to Islam in order to survive, after which he was taken by a Turkish bey into his household. Aram spent four long years living as a servant and shepherd among Kurdish tribes, rising from ‘infidel’ servant to trusted aide and secretary  because of being the only person among the peasant workers who could read and write. He grew from a boy to a man in these years and his narrative offers readers a fascinating coming-of-age story as well as a valuable eyewitness to history. Haigaz was able to escape to the United States in 1921.

Aram Haigaz was the pen name of Aram Chekenian, an Armenian-American writer who was born in the town of Shabin Karahisar, Turkey. Scholars and historians often cite first book, The Fall of the Aerie, published in an English translation in 1935, for its eyewitness details of the genocide. Although he lived in America for most of his life, Aram Haigaz, the author of ten books in total as well as numerous articles and essays, wrote only in Armenian.

Translated from the Armenian into English by his daughter, Iris Haigaz Chekenian, FOUR YEARS IN THE MOUNTAINS OF KURDISTAN is the tale of one young man’s struggle to survive, while also a rich and compelling narrative of life within a little known ancient society and tribal culture. 

Publication date: March 26, 2015                                                                                                                                        Hardcover; ISBN 978-1-940210-06-3; $26.95; 362 pp 
E-Book; ISBN 978-1-940210-07-0; $12.99

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can a loon chick hatched late in the season survive the many challenges its environment presents?

Sometimes the best stories are based on true events.

In the newly published children’s story "The Littlest Loon," author Robert Kutter and illustrator Debra Johnson show how a loon chick hatched late in the season manages to survive and thrive, in spite of significant challenges.

Born late in June, a full month behind schedule, a baby loon chick finds itself literally in over its head when the fourth of July holiday brings water skiers, jet-skis, and pontoon boats to its Minnesota lake.
Bobbing alone in the water, separated from its parents, the tiny chick struggles to stay afloat as waves threaten to swamp it.

A man and woman watching from shore realize the baby is in peril. They hop in their fishing boat, speed to the chick, and scoop it up with a fishing net. Driving to where they last spotted an adult, they release the peeping chick.

Victory! The parent loons are reunited with their baby.

Having survived the peril of a holiday weekend, the chick grows bigger and stronger, as revealed in Johnson’s lovely pastel illustrations. But when summer turns to fall, the parents migrate south, leaving the loon chick to fend for itself. Now the question is, will it be strong enough to fly from the lake before ice settles in for the winter?

Kutter comments, "The loon is the state bird of Minnesota and one of the most beautiful and beloved migratory birds to inhabit the Great Lakes states and Canada and Alaska during the summer season. After rescuing a loon chick last summer with my wife, I thought the story would make a good children’s book about survival and perseverance in the face of unlikely odds."

Author: Robert Kutter is a retired high school language arts teacher who lives with his wife Nancy at Big Birch Lake near Grey Eagle, Minnesota. He edits the lake association newsletter and maintains its web page and Facebook page and enjoys observing the natural wonders on and near a body of water.
Illustrator: Debra Johnson is a retired high school science teacher who enjoys working in pastels. Her illustrations for "The Littlest Loon" were based on photographs taken by the author and others. She too lives at Big Birch Lake, where she and her husband Craig enjoy the natural surroundings of water, land, and beautiful sunsets.

#   #   #
The Littlest Loon, Written by Robert Kutter, Illustrated by Debra Johnson; Sunray Printing Solutions; Category: Juvenile Fiction; Hard Cover: 978-0615877174, $16.95; Availability:, Book World stores in Minnesota, and independent book stores and specialty shops

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