Wednesday, September 21, 2016

“WILL YOU WON'T YOU WANT ME?” is a Stress Relieving Book for a Romantic Heart

Anxiety is a disorder that many people cope with daily.  It had a major impact on the lives of over 40 million Americans last year, and who knows how many more minor impacts. Reading is said to be a great stress reliever and reducer of anxiety.

WILL YOU WON'T YOU WANT ME”. The romantic undertones combined with Nora Zelevansky’s exquisite writing make for an enthralling read and enthralling stress reliever.


Marjorie Plum never meant to peak in high school. She was queen bee. Now, 10 years later, she's lost her sparkle. At her bleakest moment, she’s surprised by renewed interest from a questionable childhood crush, and the bickering with her cranky boss—at a potentially game-changing new job—grows increasingly like flirtatious banter. Suddenly, she’s faced with a choice between the life she always dreamed of and one she never thought to imagine. With the help of a precocious 11-year-old tutee, who unknowingly becomes the Ghost of Marjorie Past, and a musician roommate, who looks like a pixie and talks like the Dalai Lama, Marjorie struggles with the ultimate question: Who does she want to be? Nora Zelevansky’s Will You Won’t You Want Me? is a funny, often surprising, novel about growing up when you are already supposed to be grown.
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“Funny, sexy, and packed with perfect poignant insight that will resonate with readers of any age. I LOVED this book and didn’t want it to end. Reading Zelevansky’s prose felt like watching 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'—Marjorie is so utterly captivating and endearing that even when she’s flailing you don’t want to miss a second of it!”—Nicola Kraus, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Nanny Diaries and Nanny Returns

“Will You Won't You Want Me? achieves that rare combination of razor-sharp wit and romance - a love story that's not afraid to be smart, satirical and wise. Nora Zelevansky's mesmerizing writing captivates from page one.” —Cara Lockwood, USA Today bestselling author of I Do (But I Don't)

“Nora Zelevansky deftly explores the ups and downs of a young woman learning that the first step toward real love lies in coming to love one's true self.” —Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet

Author, Journalist, Satirist, Lifestyle Expert
Nora Zelevansky is a novelist, journalist and editor. As a freelance writer, she covers style, beauty, travel, design, food, wellness, health, fitness, TV and film and burgeoning cultural trends, as well as writing profiles and humor essays. Her work has appeared in publications including ELLE, Vanity Fair, Town & Country, T Magazine (The New York Times), Travel + Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times,, SELF,, The Daily Beast and The Washington Post. She is also the editorial director for upscale wellness website, Live The Process.

Her debut novel SEMI-CHARMED LIFE was released on July 3rd, 2012.  This first in a two-book deal with St. Martin's Press draws heavily on her childhood on Manhattan's Upper West side with art world parents, as well as her years as a lifestyle journalist, chronicling (with humor) the latest—sometimes wonky—cultural trends.

Zelevansky attended New York City’s Calhoun School through high school, then Scripps College of The Claremont Colleges in California. After graduation, she moved to LA to work first in film development & acquisitions and then in politics, before transitioning into freelance writing.

She currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC with her husband and baby daughter amidst copious artisanal nooks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Illustrated Series for Kids Highlights Magic, Whimsy, and Travel Around the World!

It’s a winning combination – three affectionate siblings, a magical dog, thrilling illustrations, and adventures mixed with mischief in exciting locations around the world!
In his new travel series for children, author Patrick Adams introduces young adventurous readers to a series of characters modeled on his own children.

Holly is a little girl who loves adventure and has a big imagination. Jonathan, the younger brother, always seems to have something up his sleeve. Daniel, who is older, loves to see famous places and is the mastermind behind all their adventures. Lisa, Holly’s magical stuffed dog and the star of the show, keeps Holly entertained while saving the day time and time again.

In “Lisa Goes to England,” the debut book in the series, the foursome discover legendary sites such as Big Ben and Windsor Castle. After meeting a very famous woman, Lisa gets everyone out of trouble at the famous site called Stonehenge.

In book two, “Lisa Goes to France,” the group sees the Eiffel Tower, takes in amazing artwork such as the Mona Lisa, and races against time to save the day once again, thanks to Lisa’s uncanny ability to detect trouble and transform as needed to combat it!

Adams comments, “I loved to travel and see the world at a young age.  I wanted to create a book series for children about travel that captured it from their perspective, mixing fun, education, a little magic, and a great story.”

He adds, “I envision this to be a long running series.  My dream would be to see this turned in to a cartoon series one day.”

“What a fun book to read with the kids! We thoroughly enjoyed it.” ~ Amazon Book Review

Author: Patrick Adams’ debut children's travel adventure is the beginning of a planned series of many books. Each features adventure, exploration, mischief, and magic in the most enchanting places around the world. As the owner of Patrick's World of Travel, LLC, Patrick has so far traveled to 40 countries and counting. Combining his love of travel with the imagination of his own children, he couldn't help but bring these children's adventure stories to life. Look for multiple books each year with adventures from countries all over the world.

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Lisa Goes to England: Hard Cover: 978-1514811313, $9.99; eBook: 978-1514811316, $1.99; Lisa Goes to France: Hard Cover, 978-0996768214, $9.99; Author: Patrick Adams; Illustrator: Gary Undercuffler; Patrick’s World of Travel, LLC; Category: Children’s Fiction;  Availability:

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fun with Stitchables! - Perfect for Ages 5 to 10

Includes 36 adorable punch-out templates to get you started!

Fun with Stitchables introduces young crafters to the fun of simple embroidery. Quick and easy cross-stitch sewing cards are included with punched holes for easy stitching, as well as a 16-page project book with instructions for designing your own unique stitching patterns and color combinations. A project gallery shows examples of what the hand-stitched cards can become once they are complete: everything from ornaments to greeting cards! The simple stitching patterns taught in this book promote growth and development, hand-eye coordination, as well as creativity and imagination. Fun with Stitchables will entertain and delight crafters of all ages and inspire a lifelong love of embroidery.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How Can You Stick Together When You’re about to Be Separated Forever?

Children’s book offers key lessons on life, love, and change when a family of trees is harvested, taken to a lumber mill, and made into new products...

The acclaimed children’s book “Tree Story” by writer, producer, and director Jere Silber is a labor of love and a reflection of timeless wisdom for children of all ages.
This touching story of change and perspective follows two families of trees, the Sycamores and the Birches, and the forest they live in.

One morning, three men enter the forest and nail signs to some of the trees. To their horror, the trees realize they are going to be harvested. Bedlam and fear prevail until another set of visitors enters the forest, friends who hope to save and protect the trees. Believing that their human friends will save them, life in the forest becomes peaceful once again, even though Grandfather Birch is still a bit grouchy.

 Months later, just as winter is beginning, bulldozers enter the forest. The trees cannot run, nor can they hide. Grandfather Sycamore bids his family farewell, urging them to always be proud of themselves and to stay strong. He finishes with, “Always remember, long live the family tree!”
Convinced they will never see each other again, the devastated trees are harvested and hauled off one by one, but life has more in store for them. Grandfather Sycamore is pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to ride in the logging truck, and better yet, once he arrives at the lumber mill, he is reunited with many family members. After being transformed into a grandfather clock and moved into the Robinson’s home, he discovers that Grandfather Birch has been turned into a coffee table and is living at the same home! Soon, other family members turn up in the kitchen cabinets, in the wood siding on the house, in a copy of a book, and even in a baseball bat!

When birds from the forest visit the family trees and tell them that new generations of trees are taking root and growing, Grandfather Sycamore and his progeny realize their family will continue to thrive and survive, both in and out of the forest. Just as important, they also realize that even in their new form, they are all still together, just as they always have been.

Silber says, “I wrote this children’s book in 1997. I credit my daughter for being the driving force. One weekend while I was writing a screenplay, she asked, ‘How come you don't write anything I can read?’ She suggested I write a children's book about trees in a forest, and the rest is history. Now there’s even a coloring book, an audio book, and a slide show audio book movie available!”
A video adaptation of “Tree Story,” originally titled “The Family Tree,” received the 1999 Monty Award; an audio book version was entered for a 2001 Grammy Award in the Spoken Word Category. Silber also received the 2001 Monty Award for producing Mister Word Wizard starring Richie Havens.

“Need I tell you how impressed I was with your creative writing skills and your sensitivity for the subject matter! I loved the book. I found it touched on so many lessons…I especially liked that when the situation seemed grim, there was always positive energy surrounding it. That is how life should be lived. Nothing really has an end. There is rebirth and a continuation of everything around us. Family roots, neighborly love, adapting to change, a positive attitude, accepting fate, and preserving and taking care of our natural resources… The most valuable lesson woven between the lines is Love.” - Kathy Kontos Pait

Author: Jere Silber is an accomplished writer, producer, and director with over forty years of experience working on radio, television, and theatrical productions. He was an award- winning camera operator for the television show News Counterpoint on cable television. He studied radio/television broadcasting at Montgomery College and screenwriting through the American Film Institute. “Tree Story” is his first published children’s book, but he recently wrote “Up in the Sky,” his second children’s book, to commemorate the birth of his first granddaughter.

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Tree Story by Jere Silber; Morgan’s Magical Media; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Children’s Picture Book; Soft Cover: 978-0578179216, $14.06; Soft Cover: 978-0692692486, $5.40; Audio Book: B019EE7BL8, $3.46; Slide Show Audio Book Movie: $2.25, (download format); Tree Story e-File Coloring Book: $1.25, (download format); Availability:,, ACX,,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WOI Speical - Global Diplomacy Through Student Exchange

Join Virginia S Grenier and World of Ink Network for a special show on Global Diplomacy on June 30, 2016 at 1pm EST - 12 noon CST - 11am MST - 10am PST.

Listen live or on demand at

Today's Show:
FLAG is a Not-for-Profit Tax Exempt Organization, established in 1989. FLAG is Granted as an Official Sponsor Designated by the United States Department of State since 1990. Accepted for Listing in C.S.I.E.T.'s Advisory List.

FLAG's vision is to promote global understanding and world peace by providing families and youngsters from across the globe with the best intercultural experience friendship can buy.

Our Guests Will Be:
Mazi Cunha, FLAG's founder and a former Brazilian exchange student, he founded FlAG along with his American host mother (since retired). Mazi, along with current Executive Director Marc Moralez, has a dedication and passion for student exchange that is evident in FLAG's ongoing evolution of programs, services and charitable missions.

Molly Wieber, National Director of Outreach & Placement, FLAGship and Sponsored Programs will also be joining the show.

You can learn more about FLAG at their website

Follow the World of Ink Network at, or on our blog, and you can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.

As always you can listen to any of our shows live or on demand, at any time you'd like here on Blog Talk Radio, Facebook or iTunes. If you would like to chat with the host or our guests today, you can call in, the phone number is (714) 242-5259 or post your questions and comments in our live chatroom or on Facebook or Twitter using #WorldofInk.


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