Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maxwell Duck Seris by Jackie Urbanovic

Duck at the Door


What would you do if a duck were at your door?

You'd let him in, of course.

Max loves the spring so much that he thinks winter will most certainly be wonderful, too. But when his flock leaves him behind to fly south and Max finds himself all alone, he starts to look for a place to stay. Max picks the right door to knock on: Brody the dog, Irene, his human caretaker, and a whole cast of animal characters welcome him in.

At first, Max needs to learn a lot about living in a house, but his wonderful new friends do such a great job teaching him the ropes that Max soon fits into his new family . . . or does he? From hogging the remote to taking frequent bubble baths, Max causes the family to grow weary of him. Someone has to talk to him. However, before Irene has a chance to utter a single word, Max's flock returns, and he leaves to join them. It's only then that Max's friends realize just how boring life is without their beloved duck. Then on a cool October morning, everyone perks up when there's another . . .


Could it be? Could Max have returned? You'll have to read this hiliarious and heartwarming adventure, Duck at the Door, by New York Times bestselling author Jackie Urbanovic, to find out.

Duck Soup

Max is back and "OOOOOOO-LA-LA! This is going to be grand."

Maxwell Duck has made many soups before, but always using someone else's recipe. Now he's ready to create his own. After a pinch of this and a dash of that, Max's soup still isn't quite right. He decides that fresh spice from the garden is what his soup needs to be perfect, and off he goes to fetch some.

However, the back door hardly closes before Brody the dog and Dakota the cat walk through the front door. The smell is heavenly, and soon they're anxious to try Max's latest concoction. They call and call for him. "We're about to eat your soup!" Brody warns loudly. When Max doesn't answer, Dakota grabs a spoon and is about to dig in when he gasps in horror. "I think I know where Max went!" he cries.

Brody and Dakota panic and immediately jump into action looking for their beloved duck among the floating vegetables. What happens next?
To find out, you'll have to read Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic. With a cup of giggles and a heaping spoonful of laughter, it's the perfect recipe for fun on a hot summer day.

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  1. I LOVE Duck Soup! What a funny and clever book! Jackie Urbanovic is so talented!

    Thanks for sharing a good deal!

    All the best,

  2. I have a few young readers in mind for Max's adventures. Actually, I want to know more about Max.



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