Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Getaways

Mom works hard, so why not give her a break? Treat her to a fun family getaway for Mother's Day (May 10th). With a little bit of planning, you don't have to break your budget to show her just how much you care.

Any mother would love a day or two of pure pampering; however, most spas are pricey. But did you know that some bed-and-breakfast inns offer complimentary in-room massages, whirlpool tubs, and other specials for mom? These quaint homes are usually found in picturesque environments and are situated on lakes, nestled among mountains, or sequestered in a forest on a wooded lot. Look through your local phone directory or at the tourist bureau for pamphlets for information about an inn near you. With the economy down, a lot of these inns and resorts will likely be running promotions for Mother's Day weekend. And once you get there, don't be afraid to ask at the front desk for promotional coupons for other fun sights and activities in the area. Even if your local B&B doesn't offer a whole lot of "spa-like" amenities, Mom will still be guaranteed a nice breakfast that she didn't have to prepare herself.

Family-style vacations for Mother's Day can also include her favorite things. If Mom is a nature lover, renting a cabin on the water would be a sure-fire hit. Be sure to pack the beach/lawn chairs, some sunscreen, and Mom's favorite novel or magazines. This is her weekend, and relaxation is the key. Most cabins come equipped with everything you need (i.e., cooking utensils, furniture, etc.), but check with the owner so you aren't left without something important. (picture courtesy of AshRidge Cabins Hocking Hills of Ohio

If your budget is really tight, there's no need to panic. Take Mom on a special picnic with all her favorite foods. Again, check you local listings for free events. Some parks run festivals or open markets with artisans displaying and selling their wares. Museums, zoos, and aquariums are also good spots to check for Mother's Day specials.

Whatever you do for Mom, whether big or small, remember to do it from the heart. She's guaranteed to love it.

See you next time...Sandie Lee

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