Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Smarts Book Review

Did you know:

· A baby’s brain is 250% more active than that of an adult?
· The networking of the brain’s synapses is nearly complete after the first three years of life?
· Playing music for and singing to your baby stimulates the neurons in the brain that are used for math and logic?
· Repetition produces growth and development?

Forget about all those expensive toys—there’s a new way to entertain and teach your baby. All you need is yourself and this book: Baby Smarts by Jackie Silberg.

Already the winner of two prestigious awards, the iParenting Award and the National Parenting Publications Gold Award, Baby Smarts simply helps you unlock your baby’s brainpower.

Designed for parents with babies from 0–12 months old, this book is laid out in four chapters:
· Birth–3 months
· 3–6 months
· 6–9 months
· 9–12 months

Each chapter begins with the age-appropriate subheadings of Physical Development, Social-Emotional Development, and Intellectual Development, which help you better gauge where your baby should be at each stage.

Now comes the fun part. Each chapter then outlines several fun activities that you and your baby can do together without any fancy toys. For example:

· Babies 0–3 months of age may enjoy the “Fly Away” game or the “I See You” game. This is a time of discovery for your baby, so most of these games only involve you and some quality time with baby.

· Babies 3–6 months of age are ready for games that involve sounds and listening like “Sounds are All Around” and “Listen to the Sound.” This is also the chapter where simple sign language is introduced to your baby. And if you think 3–6 months is too young to teach your baby the art of conversation, you’re wrong (page 50 tells you how to do it).

· Babies 6–9 months of age are discovering the world around them and gaining a greater understanding of it. In this chapter baby may learn more sign language and is now capable of the “Hat Game” and “Roll the Ball.”

· Babies 9–12 months of age may have fun with “Nursery Rhymes” or a “Texture Walk.” This chapter helps build on baby’s vocabulary and shows how using an ordinary pumpkin can teach smell, touch, and sight skills.

Author Jackie Silberg has an M. S. in child development, so you know she’s left nothing out of this wonderful “must have” book.
Baby Smarts is available through Gryphon House for only $12.95, and you can visit their website at It would make a perfect shower gift for any mom-to-be. So don’t delay—pick one up today and begin to unlock your baby’s brainpower.


  1. What an interesting book. 250% more active? Wow!

    Although my young ones are over 20 they will be having little ones at some point and this sounds just right to entertain them while pregnant.

  2. This is a great book, I learned a lot. It also makes a nice baby shower gift.

    Thanks for the comment:)

  3. I need to find out what are the best toddler toys. Please help.



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