Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mamapedia Founder Artie Wu

You already know that Mamapedia is an online “one-stop-shop” where moms can get real advice from other moms on a variety of topics. But did you know that the founder of this wonderful resource for moms is a man?

Artie Wu, father of two and a start-up entrepreneur, says he came up with the idea of Mamapedia because “we never had a large network of parents with same-age kids from whom we could get the most current parenting wisdom and to share experiences and practical advice.” Wu admits, “It was a real struggle for us.”

Even though Mr. Wu searched the Internet for resources, he found they fell into two categories: the “highly editorial parenting sites with the official answers” or the more “social networks and chat rooms.” He says, “We really wanted something in between, something more like a “Google for Moms.””

So after several months of developing and using Mamasource’s community of over 2 million moms, Mamapedia was born. This site gives a “treasure-trove of wisdom, all written by moms, in response to very detailed and specific questions on every parenting issue you could imagine. . . . Here is what real moms like you have actually tried, and here is all their feedback detailing what actually worked and what didn’t,” says Wu.

So how has the response been? “We’ve had amazing response from moms. The biggest thing I hear is that moms love the practical advice and real-world wisdom, and it’s all no pressure and judgement-free.” Wu goes on to say, “Moms have told us they can ask questions on Mamapedia that they might otherwise feel uncomfortable asking their girlfriends or even their own moms.”

This site offers a “full range of honest, real perspectives on issues like breast-feeding, co-sleeping, or how to talk about religion, and you decide for yourself what approach will work best for you and your family—no pressure, no judgement.”

Even though Mamapedia is already packed full of advice and honest answers, the site is still growing. Wu says, “We will be constantly making improvements, and there will be even richer sections of the site which focus on the areas moms are most interested in.”

So if you haven’t already, check out Mamapedia at

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