Friday, June 19, 2009

Tip for a Hassel Free Summer - The Shadewagon

Summers at the beach are great, but who needs the hassle of packing everything up? From coolers to beach chairs to umbrellas (not to mention the many hikes back and forth from the car), the list seems endless. It’s all enough to make you want to just stay home and watch old reruns of Baywatch.

Well, not anymore. Two moms, Jennie and Nicole, have come up with the perfect solution: The Shadewagon.

This innovative carry-all holds up to 800 pounds and comes complete with a heavy duty umbrella, all-terrain tires for that thick beach sand, holders for beach bags/garbage bags/totes, straps for carrying chairs, and a fold-down feature that turns the wagon itself into extra seating. It even has MP3/iPod speakers that run on batteries.

This wagon comes in four colors and is not only great for trips to the beach, but also for sporting events, parades, water parks, camping/fishing, and more. It can go where you go, anytime, anywhere. And since the umbrella acts as an anchor, the wagon is always sure to be firmly in place.

To find out more about the Shadewagon, check out their website at

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