Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who will you BEE today?

BEE kind? BEE happy? BEE good? Who will you BEE today? Bee-Tees can help you decide!

These bright, inspirational T-shirts were started by Melissa Patton, a mom who wants to give her daughter a positive character and teach her how to treat others. With all the media kids are exposed to today, that may not always be easy. However, with Bee-Tees, opening the lines of communication now becomes as simple as popping on one of these colourful tees with the cute, friendly cartoon bee delivering the opening message.

Melissa said, “Dressing Lena in a Bee-Tee gave us a teachable moment in the morning to explain that ‘beeing kind’ means showing kindness to everyone. We would take 60 seconds to tell her that ‘beeing fair’ meant sharing her toys with her friends and that ‘beeing friendly’ meant inviting everyone to play. On the back left shoulder we put an additional message: ‘back your bee’. This little message we hoped would inspire others to read the bee message on the front and hold Lena responsible for her daily actions.”

Bee-Tees have become so popular that they are now available in adult sizes for Mom with sayings like Bee-Inspired, Bee-Happy, and Let-It-Bee. You can also buy Bee hats, visors, and bags.

So why not “spend some moments inspiring yourself and your child to BEE the best they can BEE?”

For more information or to order your very own Bee-Tee, visit the website at

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