Friday, July 24, 2009

Kernel Season's Popcorn Poetry Winners

While tripping over empty popcorn boxes that litter the floor of the darkened theater and munching on Kernel Season’s yummy popcorn, we three judges have reached our decision on who will win the delicious prizes.

It’s been quite an adventure! We have encountered and almost battled aliens, couldn’t make our decision until we put on our PJs, and had to take cover from mountains of exploding kernels both inside and outside our microwave. Fortunately, no obstacle thrown at us judges could have prevented us from choosing our very lucky popcorn poetry winners!

We were pleased to see so many poems entered and felt all of you are winners for the time and effort you put into your delightfully delicious poems. A big thank you to all of Sandie’s blog readers who entered our Popcorn Poetry Contest – we hope you had a great time and enjoyed this as much as we did. A special thanks to Kernel Season’s for not only co-sponsoring the contest and supplying the prizes, but also for making such a delicious product for all of us to enjoy.

Our three winners should email Editor-In-Chief VS Grenier with their snail mail addresses so that the prizes can be shipped as soon as possible. Her email is:

Okay, without further ado, here are the three winners of our Families Matter Popcorn Poetry Contest:

First Place – “A Light Drizzle” – Author: Diana Murray

Second Place – “Butterfingers Strikes Again” – Author: Walter Ancarrow

Third Place – “One Small Kernel For Mankind” – Author: Christi Atherton

Some Editorial Comments:

1st Place – Diana, your poem read very smoothly and we loved the intimacy of that popcorn moment you created, PJs and all. GREAT JOB, DIANA!

2nd Place – Walter, you are obviously a man of few words – VERY few words! We loved the six marvelous words you strung together and the clever portrait it created along with your title. It made all three of us roar with laughter so loudly that we were almost thrown out of the movie theater! WAY TO GO, WALTER!

3rd Place - As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of humankind on the moon, your idea of aliens coming to earth and smelling popcorn and wanting it so badly, combined with your awesome title, made your poem very funny and a kid-pleaser, Christi. WOHOOOOO FOR YOU, CHRISTI!

Just for fun, we decided to have three Honorable Mentions. No prizes or anything like that, but we will mention your poem honorably! Blog readers submitted so many great poems, we had a tough time picking just three honorable mentions. We wanted to mention your work and tell you our thoughts.

Honorable Mentions for the Popcorn Poetry Contest:

1st Honorable Mention – “The Popcorn Box” – Author: Adrian Croft
Adrian, you did an awesome job on your entry. Your poem was very well written and all three of us felt it was very visual as well – a mini-story in a poem. YAY, YOU!

2nd Honorable Mention – “Authority” – Author: Julie Stoner
Julie, we loved your portrayal of the parent as being “so ignorant” and the kid being “so smart.” We laughed and laughed at the incorrect grammar that worked! Your last line was the clincher – it truly made us giggle. YOU GO, GIRL!

3rd Honorable Mention – “Perfection” – Author: Bob Schechter
Bob, your poem was very well written, and if Kernel Season’s is looking for a great marketing tool, the company could definitely use this poem! Your comparison of all the different treats and how popcorn stands above the rest was very clever indeed. COWABUNGA!

A big special THANK YOU to our Mystery Judge, HOLLY BOKER of Massachusetts, for helping Gisele and me pick the best of the best.

“I really enjoyed all the poems,” said Holly. “I thought they were right on point and clever. I hope the poets continue writing!”

Thank you to ALL who entered and who “popped” on over to Sandie’s blog to share your work!

Our Mystery Judge, Holly Boker is a writer of humorous picture books and children's poetry with a love of rhyme and word-play. Her poetry has been published in Stories for Children Magazine (January and May, 2008 issues) and Meanderings, a poetry anthology by Diversion Press (June, 2009). The SCBWI will soon publish her poem titled “Young Poet” in the bulletin (forthcoming, 2009). Her professional affiliations include the SCBWI, Children’s Writers and Illustrators Message Boards, Jacketflap, the Prose Shop Critique Group, and Cliff House Writers Group.

by Gayle Jacobson-Huset


  1. Congratulations to the winners!


  2. Poetry contests are fun. Congrats to the winners! It takes a special gift to write poetry. I've written haiku ,(some of it satirical), but that's about it.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. This was super fun! Can't wait for the next contest. :)

  4. Thank you for the beautiful package of popcorn! My 4 year old was ecstatic. She's so excited about writing poetry now, which was the best prize of all!

  5. Also, not to sound like a commercial, but boy oh boy are these flavor sprinkles addictive!



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