Sunday, July 26, 2009

PaciPlushies Hush the Fussies

It’s the middle of the night, and suddenly you’re awakened by the squalling cry of your toddler. You stumble bleary-eyed to her room to find that she’s lost her pacifier. You mumble some soothing words as you frantically try and locate the missing object. Finally after five agonizing, scream-filled minutes, you find it under the crib. Great! Now it has to be rinsed. So off you go as the crying grows louder.

Sound familiar? If you’ve had more than your share of these late-night “serenades” over the loss of a pacifier, I have good news for you.

It’s called the PaciPlushie. Created by Stacy Dallman, this ingenious solution for the “disappearing pacifiers” came about when she and her husband, NHL Defensemen Kevin Dallman of the Los Angeles Kings, found themselves at wits’ end over constantly searching for their toddler daughter’s missing pacifiers.

What’s the secret? It’s really quite simple. PaciPlushie comes with a soft plush toy that keeps the soother securely fastened yet is big enough to see on the floor or amid the bedding. The plush toy attaches directly to over 200 styles of pacifiers and is natural for babies to grasp onto and bring up to their mouths. The attachment of a silicone Hug Ring™ allows pacifiers to be removed from the toy for sanitation or replacement and enables picky pacifier users to continue using their preferred brand of pacifier.

PaciPlushies also come in eight adorable designs, including “Milo the Monkey” and “Pixie the Puppy,” and are accompanied by a clear-colored orthodontic pacifier and cap. At a retail price of only $13.99 plus shipping (worldwide), they would make a great baby shower gift.

To check out PaciPlushies, visit their website at

Remember, “PaciPlushies hush the fussies.”


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