Friday, July 3, 2009

Success as a Foster Parent

Have you ever thought of becoming a Foster parent? With an estimated 500,000 children and teens in the Foster Care system today, the need is greater than ever.

But becoming a “professional parent” is a daunting task. You might have questions like: Do I have what it takes? Will I be a good role model? How will this new person affect our family as a whole? These are only a few of the valid and understandable concerns you might face when deciding whether to Foster a child.

Success as a Foster Parent by the National Foster Parent Association or NFPA is your complete guide to being a Foster Parent. This book leaves no area untouched and starts out with open, honest advice on “Is Becoming a Foster Parent Right for Me?” and “The Financials of Fostering.” This book gives you all the necessary information on what to expect as you start the Fostering process, including training, legal aspects, and interviews. The book is broken up into individual chapters relating to certain age groups and specifics of your potential Foster child:

· Ages 0–3
· Ages 4–12
· Teenagers
· Fostering Siblings
· Children with Special Needs
· Collaborating with Birth Parents
· Adoption

In addition, each chapter ends with a wrap-up of the Key Concepts for easy reference.

Success as a Foster Parent also takes testimonies and success stories from Shirley Hedges, a Foster Care parent for the last 32 years, features a question/answer discussion with Bette Hoxie, a longtime professional parent, and includes Foster mom Amy Hardin’s thoughts about raising Foster children and the difficulties of saying goodbye to them. Plus, there’s even an interview with an experienced Foster Home Certifier, Judi K. Martin, who tells us what to expect from the home inspection process.

So whether you’re still in the “Would I make a good Foster parent?” stage or have decided to start the process, Success as a Foster Parent is the one “must have” resource.

Success as a Foster Parent is available at Alpha Books on (ISBN: 9781592577477).

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