Sunday, August 16, 2009

Amazing...Blair Breazeale

It’s time for school! Time for new backpacks, notebooks, clothes, and . . . oh yeah, LockerLites.
What are LockerLites?

LockerLites are decorative, portable, magnetic lights that run on a three-button cell battery for the inside of a locker.

They come in many styles and colours so kids can express themselves. Plus, these handy little gadgets also have a great feature called a “photo cell power control,” which allows the light to be on only when the locker door is open and automatically shut off when the door is closed.

What’s even more amazing about LockerLites is the inventor. Blair Breazeale was only 11 years old when she came up with the idea for LockerLites. She said, “I started 6th grade and got my first locker. I wanted to make it look cool, but when my mom and I went shopping there was nothing exciting. The locker was dark and gloomy so I thought, ‘hey, it would be cool to have some lights in here!’ So the idea was started.”

Through an organization called By Kids for Kids Co., a youth marketing and media company that partners with the world’s leading corporations, Blair was able to see her idea become a reality. When asked if the process was difficult she said, “Yes, everything had to be perfect—packaging, product. It’s a lot of detail that took over a year to do.”

However, her hard work has paid off: this summer, the LockerLites line is on the shelves at approximately 1,700 Walmart stores nationwide. Blair says, “I’m still in shock! I can’t believe it. It’s very exciting, and I hope all the kids who buy it will love it.”

Blair saw a simple idea of hers come to “light” and says, “It’s important to believe in yourself and also have good support from adults that can help you. My mom has been awesome.”

To check out LockerLites, visit your local Walmart. For more information on the By Kids for Kids Co., visit the website at

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