Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is Your Child a "Shut-Down Learner?"

Is your child frustrated with school? Are his or her grades less than acceptable? Has your child been labelled as ADD or ADHD, dyslexic, or learning disabled? If so, they may be what is known as a Shut-Down Learner (SDL).

Dr. Richard Selznick, PhD, has been a nationally certified school psychologist for over 20 years and is a graduate school professor and the Director of the Cooper Learning Center at Cooper University Hospital ( as well as an author. His powerful book, The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child, is a must-read for every parent and teacher.

This 160-page book points out the signs of a Shut-Down Learner in clear, easily understood language. Dr. Selznick shows the reader the difference between a “High-Spatial” (more hands-on) child and a “Language-Based” one. He also illustrates what signs to look for in an SDL. For example:

· Reduced confidence and self-esteem

· Hard time with language-loaded activities (e.g. reading and listening to lectures)

· Tendency to move and participate rather than listen

Dr. Selznick also understands the parents’ frustrations and helps educate them so they can “start to see their child in a more positive light,” as well as identifying the ineffective punishments for SDLs, outlining the steps to understanding your child, explaining what a good assessment should entail, and much, much more.

Dr. Selznick thoroughly understands the Shut-Down Learner. He not only helps with the diagnosis but also gives hands-on training for parents, teachers, tutors, and the children themselves. In addition, Dr. Selznick also offers real-life cases of SDLs and their success stories, plus an Appendix of follow-up reading and websites.

Dr. Selznick says, “Shut-down learners are not a small segment of society. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be found in a broad range of fields and jobs. Their negative experience in the early years could have been different. It’s my hope that this book will help the shut-down learner see himself or herself in a more positive light.”

For more information on The Shut-Down Learner, visit the book’s website at

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  1. I only have 1 copy of this book, (and it was signed by Dr. Selznick himself) so if anyone wants it, let me know. But PLEASE, be sure you can actually use it; like if you have a shut-down learner in your life.

    Thanks :)



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