Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moms Juggling it All - Risharri Faison

1. Could you tell me what you are juggling (e.g. number of kids, work, school, home, etc.)?

I have three children: 18, 17, and 4 years old, and I work every afternoon. After I get my two older sons to school by 7:30, I have to get my 4-year-old to daycare, and immediately after that I start my own school day studying to become a dental assistant.

2. Why did you decide to further your education? What was the driving force?

Instead of having a job that I do just for the money, I wanted a career doing something that I love to do. My passion is serving children and people with disabilities. I really want to work with children with cleft palates and cleft lips: I want to help people smile. When I receive my dental assistant diploma, I’ll be able to have a fulfilling career.

3. What are your aspirations for the next portion of your life? Your career goal?

My career goal is to become a dental hygienist. Because I would have set hours from 9 to 6 in a dental office, I would be able to spend the evenings and weekends with my kids.

4. How do you manage to juggle all the things in your life now?

I cook meals at night for the next day’s lunch and dinner. I involve my kids with my studying to prepare them for going back to school. When I have a test coming up, I have my teenagers quiz me.

5. How will you continue to maintain your busy lifestyle after you graduate?

The way I have everything set up now is working, so I will just replace school with work and keep my system flowing.

6. Anything else you would like to add?

At the last five jobs I’ve had, as well as at Kaplan Career Institute, I’ve been nicknamed “Smiley.” It makes me feel really good, and I want to spread these good feelings to other people through my work and family.

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