Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No More Spilled On Clothes - eti-Kits

Are you tired of putting fresh clothes on your kids only to have them spilled on after they eat? Napkins are a great idea, in theory, but what good are they if they slip onto the floor?

Well, now there’s a simple solution: eti-kits napkin clips. These simple clips attach to any clothing to secure the napkin in place so it can do its job: catching all those inevitable drips and spills. No more dropped napkins ensures your kids stay clean all through those fancy meals out, fast food on-the-go eating in the car, picnics, and meals at home.

Each package of eti-kits comes with six napkin clips, twelve stickers for the tops of the clips, and a handy Napkin & Dining Etiquette guide to help parents teach and your little ones learn good table manners.

Eti-Kits was developed by Sharyn Kennedy Amoroso, a mom and noted etiquette instructor. For more information on eti-kits or to order a set, check out the website at

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