Friday, September 4, 2009

Pop Contest!

You've heard of a POP quiz? Well this is a POP contest.

I have three Ready to Rock Kids CD's and I would love to give them away. First three correct guesses wins one of the CDs.

How to play? I'll make it easy.

Guess a number between 1 and 20. The first three correct answers will get one of the CDs


1) ONLY one guess per person
2) Put guess in 'comments' section of this Blog Spot
3) Be sure to check back so I can get the winners email/mailing address'
4) Contest ends when all three numbers have been correctly guessed

Good Luck!


  1. Since the interest in my CD giveaway seems to be at a stand still, I wrote down all the guesses so far and my hubby drew them out of a hat. So would Mara (#2) Aaron (#8) and Jill(#14) please email me at: so I can get your information and mail out your CD?

    Thanks :)

  2. Good News! Since two of our winners are from the same family, our winner was nice enough to give up one of the CD's. So could Kelly and Jill please email me at to claim their CD prize. Thanks :)

  3. It looks like I missed out. I just saw your post on The Product Review Place.
    I signed up to follow you on twitter so I won't miss out again!

  4. Sorry :(
    I do try to have something going on all the time, so keep checking back, and of course, I do post on Twitter.

    Thanks for the follow :)



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