Friday, September 4, 2009

Ready To Rock Kids - CD's

The world is a very different place now than it was when I was a kid. When I was growing up, parents felt safe leaving their children outside playing unsupervised or at the very least unattended while a radio station was blasting in the background.

Today, the music that’s reaching our kids’ ears through television, radio, iPods, computers, and CDs can be questionable at best. Let’s face it: we may not understand the lyrics to those songs, but our kids do. When you hear six-year-olds singing the words to Lady Gaga’s “Ride My Disco Stick,” it’s appalling.

So what’s the solution? Smash all your electronic devices to smithereens? That’s one way. However, Dr. Mac (a.k.a. Don R. MacMannis, Ph.D, a child psychologist, teacher, and award-winning songwriter) has come up with a wonderful alternative that teaches, not preaches.

Ready to Rock Kids CDs are life lessons set to a rockin’ beat with rap tracks and talking tracks to reinforce the song’s subject. Dr. Mac lends his expertise in the field and his voice to each song.

“Kids are different these days,” says Dr. Mac. “Way more mature and musically sophisticated. Even in the four through nine age range, they are attracted to adult and teen music because of its rhythm and quality, but then the lyrics are totally inappropriate. Ready to Rock Kids is a new kind of music for today’s kind of kid.”

Ready to Rock songs have been shown to provide fun, positive learning tools that support kids’ social and emotional development. “There is no more powerful way for children to learn than through music,” says Dr. Mac. “But there’s a big gap between Raffi and the smut-filled lyrics contained in much of today’s rap music.”

Ready to Rock has three separate volumes, with twelve songs on each CD. Themes include bullying, making friends, positive thinking, respecting diversity, expressing and managing feelings, resolving conflicts, communicating with others, and doing your best.

Here’s a sample of what kind of lyrics you can expect to hear on Ready to Rock:

“Talk It Out” (Volume 3)

Instead of how we blame, or turn and walk away,

Instead of calling names, or pretending that it’s all okay.

Instead of how we frown, or make a yucky face

Why don’t we look around and find a magic place, and

Sit down and talk it out.

(chorus) Yeah, sit down and talk it out,

’Cause what’s been missin’ is a little listening,

So come on and talk it out.
So what are you waiting for? Turn off that radio and pop in Ready to Rock Kids.

To learn more about Ready to Rock Kids and Dr. Mac, visit the website at

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