Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Baby Fat Diet

Eating for two? Did you know:

· A few hundred extra calories from healthy foods is all the “extra” you actually need?

· An occasional small piece of chocolate won’t do you any harm? In fact, one study showed that women who ate a little chocolate every day while pregnant had happier babies than those who didn’t!

· According to a study at St. George’s Hospital in London, the scent of vanilla helps curb the appetite? (Chapter 1 of The Baby Fat Diet)

So you’ve had your sweet little bundle of joy. You’re elated, exhausted—and still look like you’re pregnant. Some post-pregnancy weight is to be expected, but you are probably anxious to get that old body back (or at least come close to getting back to your old weight). But where does one start? There’s always some fad diet or another that promises quick results with minimum effort, but these can be ineffective and sometimes unhealthy.

The Baby Fat Diet, by Monica Bearden, RD, and Shara Aaron, MS, RD, is a practical guide to losing those extra baby pounds and keeping them off. Designed for the busy mom, this book has 34 short chapters plus an entire chapter (35) dedicated solely to “Your Ready-to-Go Grocery List for All the Baby Fat Diet Essentials.”

In addition, each chapter has quick “fabulous facts” and ends with “baby fat tips” and a lined section on which you can write down the changes you plan to make based on what you’ve read in that chapter. There’s even an entire chapter (33) that gives you easy-to-follow sample menus for 1600–2400 calories per day, along with their nutritional analysis.

The Baby Fat Diet leaves nothing out and is the one book you’ll want to read cover to cover and keep handy for a quick reference. From teaching facts about vitamins and minerals, organic foods, your metabolism and portion sizes, and food labels to helping you choose (and look forward to) eating properly, this book is “tailor-made for a woman with demands on her coming in every direction. It’s flexible and easy to follow” (Chapter 30). You also don’t need to be pregnant or have just given birth to read this book. The information is good, practical, sound advice that will work for anyone: mom, mother-to-be, or somewhere in between.

The Baby Fat Diet can be purchased online and at most major bookstores. Or check out their web site at http://www.babyfatdiet.com

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