Monday, October 19, 2009

Dream Baby Product Review

As parents, we can’t wait to witness our babies pulling themselves up, crawling, and, of course, taking those magical first steps. However, with mobility comes curiosity, and curiosity will inevitably lead to getting into trouble. As any busy parent will attest, you can’t be watching Junior every minute of the day. So how can we keep our babies safe and still give them the freedom to explore their surroundings?

Dream Baby is making this job easier than ever with the Dream Baby Cable Lock and Dream Baby No Tools-No Screws Safety Kit.

The Dream Baby Cable Lock keeps children safe by preventing them from opening cabinets and deters stroller theft and secures a multitude of items with an adjustable 40-cm (15.75") cable loop. Cable Lock is perfect for kids who are able to unlock traditional safety locks, as it utilizes a built-in combination locking system. This clever product can also be used on mushroom-shaped knobs or D-shaped handles.

The Dream Baby No Tools-No Screws Safety Kit is a 35-piece set of child accessories that don’t require any tools for installation. This set includes:

· 24 outlet plugs

· 4 corner protectors for coffee tables or sharp-edged furniture

· Secure-A-Lock, which prevents the opening of cabinets

· Angel Lock, which keeps drawers closed

· Appliance Latch, which keeps the refrigerator from being opened by baby

· Adhesive Double-Lock, which fastens in position with a strong bonding tape

· Door Stopper, which keeps little fingers from being pinched in a slamming door

With no tools required, this kit is perfect for your home, daycares, or a nanny’s home. To check out Dream Baby products or to find an upcoming trade show location, please visit the website at

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