Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Games Book

With computer technology as it is (including Game Boys, Wii’s, iPods, cell phone texting, and movies available on DVD or TV 24-7), families spend more time with their electronic pals than with their human counterparts.

Experts will tell us that the breakdown of the family unit is only going to get worse unless we as parents make an effort to change the situation. However, before you haul your kids away from that computer, you’d better have a plan.

Enter the book of Great Games, by Matthew Toone. This book is the answer to having more family time and family fun. It has 175 games that you can play as a group with simple things you already have available lying around the house. From indoor games like acting games, drawing activities, brainteasers, card games, funny games, and trivia games to games for the outdoors, including activities for church/youth groups, gym games, night games, and sports events and a special section of games just for the children, this book has something for every taste and every occasion.

Kids drive you crazy while you’re on a road trip? Great Games has you covered there, too, with 13 games specifically designed to entertain and even educate your youngster while you’re busy driving.

I caught up with the author and creator of Great Games, Matthew Toone, to find out a bit more. He says, “I have been collecting and creating games for years—and my siblings, friends, and others have often encouraged me to write a book such as this. There are dozens of games that are your classic games everyone knows. [Plus,] there are also many classics that I have added new and fun twists to.”

Matthew says, “When I originally started this, I was completely committed to doing whatever was necessary to accomplish my goals [and] dreams and bring this idea into reality! I remember making a very specific promise that I would put God and my family first, that I would work extremely hard on this idea and not quit until it was accomplished.”

Matthew did realize his dream with Great Games and says, “I hope it is a fun resource of games for families and people everywhere, but more importantly, I hope it brings families together more and provide wholesome entertainment for everyone. In addition, hopefully in this economy I can help people financially as well—again, each game costs nothing to plan or participate in, and I have made it possible for people to become affiliates of my book and actually get paid for helping promote it.”

To learn more about this program, view the complete list of all 175 Great Games, or purchase a copy, just go to

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