Monday, October 12, 2009

Guest Blogger - Eric Sjoberg

An Effective Stress Management Strategy

With the Changing Lifestyle of human being, Stress management has suddenly become very important these days. However stress management is not very easy to do. You need to have an effective management strategy to manage your stress in the right way. However, the real problem is that many people do not know what an effective stress management strategy is. Here is a guide to what an effective stress management strategy should have.

· An effective stress management strategy should help you to avoid unnecessary stress. It should teach you how to say no to added responsibilities that bring added stress to your life. The strategy should also teach you to avoid people who cause some stress. You should be able to use the strategy to take a better control of your environment. Also the strategy should offer you ways to avoid any unpleasant topics or tasks.

· A stress management strategy that helps you to alter the situation can prove to be really effective. The key is to alter the situation rather than avoiding it completely. The strategy should allow you to express your feelings instead of simply bottling them up. The strategy should help you in becoming somewhat more assertive. Since poor time management can be a major cause for stress, the strategy should help you manage the time in a better way.

· Like with the situations, the strategy should help you in adapting to the stressor. Adapting to the stressor or the stressful situations can help you to gain a sense of control by simply introducing a change in your attitude and expectations. The strategy should teach you some ways to see the situations of stress from a comparatively positive point of view. Also it should teach you to look at the big picture, which means that you should look at a situation in a way that how much it will matter in the long run. An effective stress management strategy teaches you ways to adjust your standards according to the situation. It should also help you focus on the positive aspects of every situation.

· One important property of an effective stress management strategy is that it helps you to gain acceptance of the things that you can not really change. It teaches you to always look for the upside of things. It helps you to share your feelings and also teaches you to forgive and forget.

· An effective stress management strategy is one that helps to make time for fun and relaxation. Such a strategy allows you to set some time aside for relaxation and do something that you enjoy every day. It allows you to keep your sense of humor intact and connect with others in a better way.

· An effective stress management strategy teaches you to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Such a strategy involves exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, reducing the intake of coffee and sugar, avoiding cigarettes, drugs as well as alcohol and getting enough sleep.

Eric Sjoberg, is a San Diego Therapist and support clients by principles of Somatic Therapy. Contact him if you are looking for therapist in San Diego.
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