Sunday, October 11, 2009

National Positivity Week Oct 11th-17th

Alexa’s Angels Launches National Positivity Movement

In a quest to help inspire people across the country to stay positive and “pass on the positive”, Alexa’s Angels, a jewelry manufacturer known nationally for its inspirational designs, is launching a National Positivity Movement. Individuals, organizations and businesses are all invited to join in the movement by participating in the first National Share Your Positivity Week October 11 – 17, 2009 and by contributing their positive sentiments to the National Positivity Databank at

The positivity concept began in May of this year when Alexa’s Angels founder and owner, Beth Lang, handed out sets of specially designed Posi+ivi+y™ Bracelets to friends and family with instructions to keep one and pass out the others. The wearable reminders to “stay positive” and the “pass it on” concept took off like wildfire with feedback pouring in from across the country in the form of hundreds of letters and emails. “We were overwhelmed by the response. The thoughts, sentiments and feedback were very powerful,” said Lang. “It made us realize a few things – not only is positivity something people really need right now, but attitude is a choice and positivity is contagious!”

The company then held a positivity-themed food drive to help collect funds and donations for a local food shelter and to commemorate the one-year anniversary of a devastating tornado that had ripped through their town. In exchange for a canned good or cash donation, residents were given a Posi+ivi+y™ Bracelet. Word spread quickly throughout the community making the event hugely successful with more than 1,500 contributors.

“The feedback from these two events made us think how cool it would be if other businesses and individuals across the country organized their own goodwill initiatives to help spread positivity.” Lang says. “I think the climate right now is tough for a lot of people for a variety of reasons – and we all can really use a little positive encouragement. Social responsibility and fostering positive connections have always been a part of our company culture and this is a way we’ve found that people and companies can individually affect positive change. It’s just the right thing to do!”

National Positivity Databank

To help jumpstart the movement, Alexa’s Angels is collecting positive quotes, sentiments and thoughts at, a specially designed blog where anyone can share their positivity. The goal is to collect a virtual databank of 500,000 positive sentiments that anyone can visit, be inspired by and to help inspire the world at large. The databank already has nearly 2,000 inspirational quotes and stories from people around the country who have shared their heart-warming personal stories. It also features a wealth of resources designed to help inspire positivity including links to articles, fun facts and inspiring videos.

National Share Your Positivity Week

Alexa’s Angels is also declaring October 11 – 17, 2009 as National Share Your Positivity Week and is inviting businesses, organizations and individuals to join them in actively promoting positive behavior during this week. Participation can take many forms whether it is volunteering, collecting funds for a local charity, sending a positive note to a friend, or practicing random acts of kindness.

Participants are asked to commit by signing a Positivity Contract stating their commitment to recognize National Share Your Positivity Week and outlining their “positivity plan” of action. More information about National Share Your Positivity Week and a downloadable copy of the Positivity Contract is available on the website.

To date, nearly 50 businesses have signed up to honor National Share Your Positivity Week. “There’s been a real outpouring of enthusiasm from a wide variety of businesses,” says Lang. “It’s just further proof that this concept and movement has struck a chord with people.”

Alexa’s Angels designs are sold at fine retail and department stores across the country or from their website a

How will you share your Positivity this week? I challenge all my readers to not just think about this cause, but to really get involved. We may think “there’s so many hurting people, what can I do to make a difference?” It can be as simple as helping someone to their car with a heavy bag of groceries or just sharing a smile, it all makes a difference. Let’s not sit back and wait for the world to change for us, let’s be the catalyst that ignites the change.

If you’ve done something to make a difference in someone else’s life, let me know, I’d love to hear about it.

Share your Positivity…it’s contagious.


  1. I didn't know there was a National Positivity Week. How cool. I think we should celebrate that every week. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today, too.




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