Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stanley & Tyke's 20 Questions Contest

Submissions will be accepted between October 11, 2009, and October 25, 2009.

Who may enter? Anyone 18 and older or anyone 17 and under with parent permission

Contest Fee: No Entry Fee

Contest Prizes:
1st place ~ Build Your Very Own Robox (Storybook and Robot building kit with stickers) by Award-winning author Mark Rogalski
2nd place ~ Storybook with bonus CD “Tell Me Another Scary Story . . . But Not TOO Scary!” by Award-winning author Carl Reiner and illustrated by James Bennett
3rd place ~ Storybook “But Who Will Bell the Cats?” written and illustrated Award-winning artist Cynthia von Buhler

Contest Description:

Stanley and Tyke have come up with 20 questions about Stories for Children Magazine and the SFC: Families Matter Blog. They want to know how well you know SFC and its many divisions. Do you think you’re up the challenge? Find out by answering the questions and emailing your answers to by midnight, October 25, 2009.

The first three contest entries with the all or most of the questions correct win. Prizes will be awarded in order of the contest winners’ entries being received.

Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must be emailed as Word.doc attachments to by midnight, October 25, 2009, with “Stanley & Tyke’s 20 Questions” in the subject line. We are unable to open RTF or DOCX files.

-No mail-in entries will be accepted.

-No acknowledgement of receipt of entries will be sent.

-Multiple entries are not allowed.

-Entries that do not follow the guidelines may be disqualified.

-SFC staff members will serve as contest judges and their family is ineligible to enter.

Here we go...Stanley & Tyke’s 20 Questions:

1. What is the mission of SFC: Families Matter Blog?

2. Who is the illustrator of Stanley Bookman and his little brother Tyke?

3. How many SFC Team Members?

4. Where can you find the “Game of the Month”?

5. Can you name at least five awards Stories for Children Magazine has received?

6. What is the title of VS Grenier’s picture book?

7. What is the age range Stories for Children Magazine is written for?

8. Can authors under 18 years of age submit to Stories for Children Magazine?

9. How much does a back issue of Stories for Children Magazine cost?

10. Who produced Stanley Bookman’s music video?

11. When did Stories for Children Magazine publish its first issue?

12. Where can you watch video previews (other than on SFC: Families Matter) of Stories for Children Magazine?

13. How many people have signed the Stories for Children Magazine guest book?

14. Where can you buy Stories for Children Logo merchandise?

15. What book categories can you find in the SFC Bookstore?

16. Who are the SFC Book Reviewers?

17. When does Stories for Children Magazine post a new monthly issue?

18. What Volume number is Stories for Children Magazine on?

19. Where are Stanley Bookman and Tyke from?

20. What is the name of the annual SFC award held in April?

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