Sunday, November 15, 2009

IBW Books - Review

IBW Books (Interactive Book-Webscene)

Looking for a fun new way to teach your Preschoolers? The Busy Preschooler’s Guide to Learning, by Trish Kline and Mary Donev may just be your answer.

Why settle for a flat, one-dimensional book when you can have a full hands-on experience? Interactive Book-Webscene (IBW) takes the tangibility of a print book and combines it with the fun, excitement, and interactivity of the computer for a unique mix. Reading a plain book is good, but having the option of incorporating different games and learning tools is awesome—your kids will love it.

Here’s how it works: You read a chapter. At the end of the chapter, you find a web-link. Go to the web-link and you’ll see an animation or other multimedia called a webscene that’s part of the story. After you view the webscene, you go back to the book and read another chapter, find another web-link, and so on. Six or more webscenes are included in every IBW book.

IBW - The Busy Preschoolers Guide to Learning takes your tyke through the alphabet with several unique and fun games/exercises for each individual letter. Plus, your child will also be learning valuable skills, such as:

• Reading readiness
• Position and direction
• Colors and shapes
• Numbers
• Listening and sequencing
• Gross- and fine-motor skills
• Time
• Size
• Social-emotional development

In addition, be sure to check out the online handwriting program called ABC-TRACE-123 at the bottom of each webscene. This enables your child to click and drag animal icons around the target for a fun way to learn the alphabet while developing the motor skills needed for handwriting.

This is the most fun you could ever ask for from a book. IBW is sure to be the wave of the future.
To learn more about IBW or to get started, visit their web site at

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