Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Perfect Nest for Mrs Mallard - Review

Come on a journey with Mrs. Mallard as she looks for the perfect nesting spot.

Is it by the pool’s edge, where the Coots have taken up residence? Maybe under the rhododendron bush would be better? Or perhaps on the island’s edge, where the swans, Canada geese, and herons make their home?

After Mrs. Mallard finally decides on a nesting spot, whom will she trust to help get her babies safely across the parking lot and to the pond?

Mrs. Mallard has some tough decisions to make in A Perfect Nest for Mrs. Mallard by Angela Cater. This beautifully illustrated picture book chronicles the quest of one mother duck to find the perfect nesting spot. In addition, Cater has sprinkled in facts about mallards and various other water foul, as well as actual photographs of “Mrs. Mallard” and her babies.

This would make the perfect gift for the little nature lover on your list. A Perfect Nest for Mrs Mallard is available at, Barnes & Noble, and Borders and online at

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