Wednesday, December 2, 2009

True Stories About Saving Animals - Review

What do a smelly puppy, a three-legged cat, an abandoned kitten, and two orphan owls have in common?

They’ve all been rescued and live on a one hundred-year-old farm with Old Farmer Samuel and his wife, Cheri. And they’ve all had books made out of their stories.

Read about these lovable misfits in the four-book series, which comprises Stinky Little Scroungy, Our Orphaned Owls, The Three-Legged Kitten, and The Miracle of the Little Kitten. Published by Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications, these books are written for ages 3–8 but are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves animals. Written and illustrated by Samuel Lopez himself (Farmer Samuel), these delightful books not only tell the tales of each of these rescued critters, but you’ll also find a sweet mixture of illustrations and real-life photography among their pages.

“Samuel and his wife, Cheri Lopez, founded Compassionate Pet Sanctuary as a haven for lost, abandoned, and injured animals. Over the years, they have rescued hundreds of dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, owls, goats, geese, and other animals.” The ones that aren’t placed in their loving forever homes are always kept safe and nurtured on the old farm. The proceeds from these wonderful books go directly to supporting Compassionate Pet Sanctuary.

Stinky Little Scroungy: When Farmer Samuel’s nephew, Mossy, takes a walk down the country road he happens upon a large cardboard box filled with rags. Mossy wonders what could possibly be so smelly in the box. When he opens it, to his amazement there’s a small, sickly puppy buried amongst the old clothe. The puppy is near death, but Mossy knows just what to do. It’s back to the farm where Aunt Cheri and Uncle Samuel jump into action.

Our Orphaned Owls: Every year on the hundred-year-old farm, the owl family makes a nest high up in the huge eucalyptus tree not far from the house. However, when a brutal storm with icy winds and cold rain pummels the nest for five days, Mom Owl soon abandons her babies, with Dad Owl not far behind. How can these orphaned birds survive? It’s Farmer Samuel and Cheri to the rescue once again.

The Three-Legged Kitten: Tossed out of a speeding car and left to die in a junk yard, a little kitten finds the strength and courage to go on. With a little help from Farmer Samuel and Cheri, Tri-Ike the three-legged kitten finds a new home and a real chance at happiness.

The Miracle of the Little Kitten: After several days of hearing the mewing sound of what can only be a kitten, Farmer Samuel knows he has to find it. But it’s Stinky Little Scroungy who finally solves the mystery when she shows up one morning with a tiny, cold, stiff kitten in her mouth. Once again Farmer Samuel and Cheri know exactly what to do.

This four-book series, True Stories About Saving Animals, is available at bookstores or through,,,,,, and To find out more, visit the web site at

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