Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whoops Bunny

Interview with Founder, Maude Humphris

We all try so hard to avoid mistakes in our lives that we sometimes forget they can be fun. Just ask Whoops Bunny’s Founder and President, Maude Humphris and she’ll tell you…a Whoops doesn’t discriminate, it unifies us all.

Having had her fill of the big corporate rat-race in Sydney Australia as a catalogue retailer, managing a procurement team for everything from toys to furniture & consumer electronics, Maude says, “The stress was phenomenal and non-sustainable and I really missed my kids.”

So when the opportunity to move to the USA arose, they jumped at the chance and moved to the mountains of Park City, Utah. “I love the change of pace,” Maude says. “The people here are so friendly and supportive. I enjoy being part of a community after years of being in the office and [also] being at home with my kids.”

Soon after her move tragedy struck her family. Maude confides, “For the first 6 months, I was settling in but really wanted to still do something work-wise without working for another big corporation. My step-father died around that time and left me some money; it was basically a decision of going on a holiday to Disneyland or trying to set up a company.”

Whoops Bunny-to-Be

Why vacation when you can embark on a whole new destiny? Maude continues, “Shortly after, my parents-in-law came to visit, my mother-in-law taught Edward, my then 3 year old, an old rhyme she had been taught in England by her uncle, nicknamed Bunny. It went like this, bunny, bunny, whoops bunny, whoops bunny, bang, bang, bang!

And so…Once upon a time a little bunny had a ‘whoops’. The bunny was jumping across the fingers on a hand and whoops…almost slipped off.

This simply children’s song soon turned into the basis for the entire Whoops Bunny philosophy. Maude says, “It was easy to develop a brand story with the products being related to a whoops - either to stop one or help with one.”

Whoops Bunny Now

With a full catalogue of eco-friendly products from stationery and organizational tools to gorgeous, all natural make-up for kids of all ages, vibrant, sturdy melamine dishware, non-fray hair accessories, practical yet fun gear: rain wear/chef apparel/play clothes/purses, Whoops Bunny continues to work.

Maude adds, “The most amazing thing about setting up this company is the involvement of my kids and their friends. Every day they have an idea for Whoops Bunny - a bit wacky, but some real jewels among them [that] are now part of our business plan for 2011.”

Where is Whoops Bunny?

Even though Whoops Bunny products are available at their web site, Maude reminds us that, “We have some stores already in Park City [Utah] but are in the process of appointing a sales force across the USA. They will then sell on our behalf into pretty much every kind of retailer.”

Maude finishes by telling us, “Once you start thinking about a whoops, it becomes contagious. I have people stopping me from every walk of life telling me what whoops they have had and what whoops product they want me to develop! I am really proud of the business and our values and product line-up. I can't wait to get Whoops Bunny out there!”

To find out more about Whoops Bunny or to view their full product line, visit their web site at

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