Monday, February 8, 2010

Boy Scout Day!

We don’t have Boy Scouts in Storyville, but we do have Book Scouts very similar to what the Boy and Girl Scouts do. Being a Scout is fun and exciting: you get to make new friends and do things you might not normally do with your family.

I’m lucky to know many Boy Scouts from your world and they are really excited to be celebrating the 100th year of Boy Scouts of America! Some of them have shared some great information so I can join the celebration with them. Here are two links to help you join the celebration, too!

Join the Boy Scouts of America as we celebrate 100 years of Scouting! If you missed it, you can still catch the energy and excitement of our 100th Anniversary Audiocast Kick-Off Rally!

Ten Ways You Can Get into the Action!

Parenting Tip:
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