Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Book Reviews

By: Shari Lyle-Soffe

This cute little book with Rooter and Snuffle starts off with a short story about how sometimes going to school with your bothers and sisters isn’t all bad. In the second short story, Rooter and Snuffle learn that sometimes answers to prayers come in funny little ways. The third and final short story shows children how it’s better to share and trust in others.

What I love about the Rooter and Snuffle stories is that you don’t get one story; you get multiple stories about two brothers learning to get along not only with each other, but others in the world around them.


By: Cynthia Reeg and Illustrated by: Marina Movshina.

Kitty Kerpluking is not only a fun picture book for early readers, but a fun way for them to begin to understand grammar. In the story you follow Preppy the kitty through the house as she shows you how prepositions are used in front of a noun in a sentence. At the end of the book there are puzzles and games to help reinforce finding prepositions and the proper use in grammar. Kids will delight in reading this book over and over again so they can help Preppy the kitty find prepositions in the world around them.

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