Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stanley Bookman Monthly Tips for April

Hi this is Stanley Bookman and my brother Tyke. Can you help us spread the word on about National Dark Sky Week this month!

You did not know the week of April 4-10 is National Dark Sky week. It is and I need your help. But first let me tell you what National Dark Sky week is.

National Dark Sky week started because people could not see the stars at night any more. This happened because of all the lights in towns and cities. The more streetlights, neon signs for business and cars on the road block out the night sky making it hard for everyone to see the stars above.

What I need you to do is tell everyone you know to turn off his or her outdoor lights during April 4-10. You might even want to have a party where everyone brings a blanket and snacks and see how many stars you can count from your own front or back yard.

To learn more about National Dark Sky week visit: http://www.darkskiesawareness.org/idsw.php

Reading Tip:

A great way to let your child explore more books that are difficult is to use Audio books. Have them choose a couple from your local library to listen to in the car or right before bedtime. Make sure you check out the book version so they can read along, too!

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