Monday, May 24, 2010

Stanley Bookman Book Reviews-May2010

I really enjoyed this past weekend. I not only read one great book, but two. Both books are culture based making them even more enjoyable than a regular picture book. I hope you will enjoy these books as well.

Ballroom Bonanza

By: Nina Rycroft and Stephen Harris

Illustrated by: Nina Rycroft

Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-8109-8842-2

What child doesn’t love a good party? In Ballroom Bonanza: A hidden picture ABC book, readers will have a front row seat of the most amazing animal dance contest. In this, delightful picture book animals from all around the globe gather in the famous Tower Ballroom. Will it be the flamingos dancing the flamenco? Or maybe the penguins doing the polka? I personally loved the rhinos doing the rumba. But there is more to this dance contest and party. The monkeys did not just come to dance; they also came to fool around. They have taken the bands twenty-six instruments and hid them throughout the pages of this alphabet and counting book.

Filled with vibrant art, lovable characters, and no stop fun, Ballroom Bonanza is a great book that challenges children to think on their feet. From learning the alphabet with each animal dance group, counting to identify the various musical instruments hidden on each page, and learning about different dances throughout the globe, this interactive book is one kids will enjoy both in the classroom and at home.

My Friend Maya Loves to Dance

By: Cheryl Willis Hudson

Illustrated by: Eric Velasquez

Published by: Abrams Books for Younger Readers, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-8109-8328-1

Maya loves to dance from her dance class to the mall. She is always on her feet moving to the music of the world around her. In this clever picture book, My Friend Maya Loves to Dance children will learn about different dance styles and genres of music. Maya revels the rhythm, movement, and costumes, the grand entrances, the pirouettes, and of course, the final bow. But of the narrator, Maya’s Friend telling the story? Children will learn about true friendship as the narrator shares the magic of dance through her friend Maya.

The pages dance not only with different dance steps, but also with vibrant color thanks to the vivid illustrations by Eric Velasquez. Cheryl Willis Hudson also moves the story along with a rythematic beat. Children and parents will enjoy reading this picture book together.

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