Monday, May 17, 2010

Stray Cats and Feral Cats

I do not know about where you live, but our local animal shelter is really good about sending tips to our neighborhood. Just the other day when opening my water bill I found inside a great little tip about stray and feral cats from Robin Kirker, our shelter manager.

With the warm weather settling in, it is no wonder Robin sent out this tip. I have seen more cats round my house lately. Some I know belong to my fellow neighbors. Others . . . I have not seen before, but how am I to know or my children if these cats are safe to be around. And in most cases . . . for children to pet.

Well Robin’s tips really helped. She first explained the difference between a stray and feral cat. You see, a feral cat is born and raised in the wild, or was abandoned and reverted to the wild ways of cat living to survive. Some feral cats will tolerate human contact, but most are too afraid to be handled, so do not try. A stray cat on the other hand is someone’s pet that has become lost or sometimes abandoned. They still crave for human contact and are usually tame. The best way to tell if a cat is a stray or a feral cat is to make eye contact. In general, a feral cat will not hold the gaze and keep their distance from you.

Robin went on to say one of the questions she answers the most is, “How do I keep feral or stray cats out of my yard?” She gave us some great tips. First, she said there are several types of harmless cat repellents available from sprays to motion-activated sprinklers. You can even get an ultrasonic animal repellent to help keep cats out of your yards. The biggest thing is to make sure your product is nontoxic to animals and children. You can research a product online and find other solutions to help with the cats roaming your neighborhood, but here are a few I found.

The Cat Stop Cat Repellent is an effective way to deter cats from your yard, garden, cars, or any outdoor area you do not want them. This ultrasonic repellent has been voted the number one cat repellent on the market. You can read more about it at

Another product on the market is Shake-Away a natural cat repellant. It will help you rid your yard and gardens of cats naturally, safely and easily. You can find out more about this product at

Lastly, I came across this site, which not only shares some more tips, but a great online store, too. Check out

The problem with stray and feral cats could be avoided by being a responsible animal owner. One thing a cat owner should do is make sure their cat wears a collar with identification. Also, having your cats spayed and neutered will help keep the problem of stray and feral cats to a minimum. Most cities and neighborhoods have ordinances in place for animals and if your cat wonders into your neighbor’s yard … you could be cited. So make sure you check out these ordinances for your area.

Another thing you should take in to a count is your cat could be caught in a trap and taken to an animal shelter where you will have to pay an impound fee before they are returned to you. So, please be a good neighbor and confine your cat to your house and yard.

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