Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Moving Family Fitness on the Wii

The Jumpstart franchise continues to bring exciting new ways for families and kids to learn and play together. They recently teamed up with fitness expert, Dancing with the Stars co-host and Champion, and mom Brooke Burke with a new Wii video game, Get Moving: Family Fitness!

Get Moving: Family Fitness is the perfect way for you and your children to stay active while having family fun. The exercises are more like gaming experiences and are designed even for the youngest members of the family. However, do not think you can sit down while playing these games. With over 15 different games, from shooting baskets to pinball, families will find themselves jumping, running, and even doing step aerobics, if you own a Wii balance board.

What I love most about Get Moving: Family Fitness is you do not need all the Wii fit gear; expect for the step aerobics. All the games can be played with just your Wii remote, keeping the cost of fitness low and the fun high. You also get to create your own avatar and personalize exercise routines. You can even track your calories and progress while moving your way through the eight wacky, fun, and immersive destinations like Egyptian pyramids or even shrink yourself down to the land of bugs.

In addition, do not think you will not feel your workout after an hour of playing these games, because I am here to tell you my arms and shoulders felt the burn. My five year old even started to break a sweat at the end of an hour and half dual with her big brother. As a parent, this is a great way for your kids to play video games and get the exercises they so desperately need. This is one game for the Wii that is sure to get families up and moving!


  1. We're going to get a Wii very soon. This is something we need. Sometimes the kids want activity but don't want to leave the house.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. My kids totally love it and so do I. It's been a great way to have fun as a family while getting in some movement, too.



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