Sunday, July 11, 2010

Michael's Wonderful World

Michael Oliver
Wimbledon wants nothing more than to be left alone. Living in a hospital room alone as a young boy is enough to turn anyone into a recluse, but what most people don’t know is Michael has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The only thing keeping Michael going is his love for drawing cartoons. It isn’t until a chance meeting with aged illustrator William Gatsby that Michael’s outlook on life changes. Gatsby helps Michael discover the existence of a world you can only get to from a map. However, what if once inside this world you come face to face with your worst enemy?

C.J. Pumpkins has done it again with this magical novel of adventure. Children will also find a positive message about fighting illness and never giving up. Filled with likeable characters, an ounce of humour, and light tone on a serious subject, parents and children alike will enjoy exploring the wonderful world Michael Olive Wimbledon has created.

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ISBN# 978-1451-59982-4

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