Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wii Game Review: Vacation Isle

My family and I were asked to review Vacation Isle: Beach Party for the Wii. Knowing how much my kids love to play on their Wii, I could not say, “NO”. I am not a big gamer. I play every so often with my five-year-old and sometime my fourteen-year-old will get me to play Smash Bros or Mario Cart. My hubby on the other hand is almost as big of a gamer as my kids are. Well that was until Warner Bros. interactive Entertainment’s Vacation Isle: Beach Party showed up at my house. I cannot stop playing it. Okay, I can, but if I have some down time . . . you will find me in the office playing.

What I love most about this game is it truly is for everyone. My five-year-old can play all the different games just as easy as my fourteen-year-old can. Now you do not have to own a Wii balance board, but I suggest having one. We did not own one at first, but I am here to tell you that after playing a few of the game, which were fun even without the balance board, it only got better once we bought one. It also was a great excuse to use on my hubby.

You can play up to four players where you compete in eight unique vacation-style games, ranging from wakeboarding to surfing. Personally, my family really enjoys the waterskiing event the best. You can even learn to hula or fire dance, another favorite at my house. Players can customize their avatars to take on these get up and get moving sport challenges. Vacation Isle: Beach Part delivers fun engaging land or sea-based activities. If you do not want your kids to be a couch potato and you are looking for games that really do get your kids up and moving, what better way then with Vacation Isle: Beach Party.

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