Monday, August 2, 2010

Stanley and Tyke Reading Tips

Tyke and I came to live here at Stories for Children Publishing to share tips with you on how to become better readers, and have you help us spread the word about special events, such as . . . Artist Appreciation Day!

American Artist Appreciation—did you know studying the work of a famous painter, or the old masters of art, is both inspiring and a learning experience? When you look at a painting, drawing, or cartoon, you might wish you could do that. In truth, you can—with practice and motivation. Try something similar to what inspired you, study the way an artist works, take a class in the type of art you like to create. This will help to improve your own creativity and skills as an artist. After all, an artist created Tyke and me. Without the talents of Kevin Scott Collier and the dream of VS Grenier, we would not be here today!

Family Reading Tip:

This month’s tip is really to help build vocabulary. With school right around the corner, I am sure we all need some brushing up. Here is a fun way to pass the time waiting for the school bus, sitting at the doctor’s office, or waiting in line at the store.

Point out something you see (table, shoes, etc.) and say: “While I wait, I see a shoe.” Now have your friend, mom, dad, or sibling, repeat what you said, and add an adjective.

Example: “While I wait, I see a dirty, white shoe.”

Keep taking turns and see how many adjectives you can string together.

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