Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Which Is the Right Kid's Step Stool for You?

Parents, are you having trouble finding a kids step stool that assures the safety of your child while using it? How will you find the right step stool for your kids? Here is where you should start. Ask yourself, “What do you want to accomplish with your kids step stool?”

There are plenty of kid’s step stools in stores near you, accessible and cheap, but not very safe to use.

Wooden Step Stools

Plenty of kid's step stools are wooden. Some are folding. This type is more favorable because it can be easily stored. Some folding step stools can even transform from a step stool to a chair. To fascinate kids more, there are wooden step stools painted with their favorite cartoon characters. Wooden step stools are light, somewhat sturdy and can help your child reach a fountain or a sink at home.

Plastic Step Stools

Now, if you want a step stool made of plastic, be sure to check its load rating…always. Sometimes we tend to be more economic, thus you choose the cheaper one. This could be the biggest mistake you ever make. If the step stool has no load rating, look for another one that has a load rating. Make it your standard. This could save you a trip to the hospital. A safe kid’s step stool should have a load rating not less than 300 pounds. Most step stools used in the commercial industry have a minimum load rating of 500 pounds. This rating is greater than the other step stools because you cannot limit the use of the step stool to your kids alone. You may find it useful when you want to reach the shelves above the refrigerator or to do any other chores in the house.

Before you take a step stool home, these are some questions; you should try to answer in order for you to find the exact kind of step stool that will meet your goals

Do you want your child to reach the sink to wash their hands or brush their teeth?

Do you want to help your child reach the water fountain?

Does your child need a step stool to board a vehicle?

Are both adults and children using this step stool?

Finding the right step stool for your kids and home is important. Keeping your family safe should always be top priority over economic gain.

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