Friday, September 3, 2010

Just What Should the Best Car Seats Feature?

By: Gariant Twig

My wife and I are expecting our fourth child, therefore we have come to realize on a rather deep emotional level just how vital it is for our children to remain as safe as humanly possible, and buying the best car seats on offer is exactly what the doctor ordered! That is all well and good, but what are the important things that parents need to watch out for in child car seats, in order to find out if they will be well suited for their young children? That, my dear Watson, is the question...

The one thing my wife and I generally look for is if the car seat has been padded with Luxury Foam. This specific foam is pretty new, and able to do things that I never knew foam could do before! As an example, did you know that Luxury Foam can in fact formulate its structure to the infant's body outline? Fantastic! This gives extra comfort in parts that no other child car seat can, making any child car seats that have this specific groundbreaking foam the best car seats in my opinion!

Luxury Foam also is actually able to hold in your child's very own body warmth in order for it to be reused for natural comfort and ease. It was a key factor for us, since our child kept on getting a severe dried throat when we turned on the car heater, which is easily understood: so did I when I was a child. This new foam allows us to put the heat on low (merely so my wife and I may benefit from it) but leave the back seat entirely up to the foam included in the car seats we just bought. The vehicle felt like it was in the 50s when we got to our destination, but our toddler was warm and comfortable, and, if he could have spoken, he would have most certainly asked us to put shorts on him!

One more amazing feature that some will want to look for is what's known as a Cozi ' Dozi, an insert that allows smaller newborns which were delivered either too soon or, through natural means, have less body weight compared to the average baby, to fit inside any one of the best car seats available for you. It is extremely well cushioned and in a position to control the more strenuous jolts without inflicting any bodily harm to the youngster itself.

These are merely a handful of the factors that any parent will want to look for before they are able to state that their child seats are the best car seats in the universe!

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