Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Safety

Halloween can be a favorite holiday for children. Most kids
and many adults look forward to dressing up and having some spooky fun this
time of year.  Here are a few tips to
make it safe as well.
1. Keep Halloween costumes simple. The less strings, belts,
swords, masks and extras to carry or trip over, the safer it will be for
children to walk up and down pathways, porches and steps when trick or
treating. Consider face painting rather than a mask that may block vision.
2. Have flashlights or flameless candles available when
walking after dark. It will keep little ones from being frightened and it will
make it easier for the adult in charge to keep track of older children who
wander ahead.
3. Consider having a Halloween party at home rather than
trick or treating, especially if you have concerns about safety. It is easier
and safer to monitor what activities and snacks kids are participating in and
eating and helps you get to know your children's friends. Invite other parents
to assist with decorations or treats, games or activities. It can be fun for
the whole family.
4. Instruct kids to avoid eating any treats until they have
been inspected by you for safety reasons. Trick or treat only in neighborhoods
you are familiar with and where you know your neighbors.
5. Dress for the weather. Make sure kids have a layer of
clothing on under their costumes if the temperatures will be cooler. Have rain
gear handy if it is a wet or drizzly forecast and have children wear sturdy
shoes to avoid injuries to their feet while walking in the dark.
6. Limit the amount of sugary treats children eat and
encourage a good tooth brushing after the Halloween fun. It may seem to take
some of the fun out of the holiday but visits to the dentist are known to
increase after Halloween festivities.
Ghosts and goblins, princes and princesses, frogs, cats,
skeletons and the like will be creeping around most neighborhoods this
Halloween. Look both ways before crossing the street, watch closely when
driving in a moving vehicle and listen for things that go bump in the night.
There will be children of all sizes and ages looking for fun and treats this
Halloween. An extra bit of effort can keep the holiday fun and safe for kids of
all ages.

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