Monday, October 25, 2010

Rocks and More Rocks. Check This Out.

Title: Explore Rocks
and Minerals!

By:  Cynthia Light
Brown & Nick Brown

Illustrated by: Bryan Stone

Published by: Nomad Press Date: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-934670-61-3

Price: $12.95

Ages: 6-9

Rating: 5 stars (1-5)

Reviewed by: VS Grenier


Have you ever wondered what those sparkly specks in the
piece of gravel in your driveway might be? Or why some crystals grow so big? In
Rocks and Minerals!
kids can try activities that will help them figure
out the answers, from testing minerals and making crystals, to making yummy
models of the earth and volcanic meringue cookies. Sidebars about people in
geology, such as a kid who helped discover a new kind of dinosaur, or a
geologist who proposed a theory that no one else believed for a long time, help
kids see the human side of geology.

Overall thoughts:

My family is really into interactive books where we not only
read, but also are able to apply what we are learning. My kids really enjoyed
the different experiments. I think growing the needle-like mineral crystals was
their favorite, however, with 20 experiments, games and projects to choose from
. . . not only kids, but also families can have a wonderful time each weekend
learning something new. You will learn about the earth right down to its core. You
will learn how different types of crystals and minerals form, how volcanoes are
made and why they explode. Kids will also learn about erosion and metamorphosis.

Each chapter/section covers a different topic and has a clear
explanation of underlying concepts making learning fun and engaging for the
whole family. Not to mention the great black and white illustrations that not
only added character, but also show how and why each topic happened or how to
do the activity.

You will also find a glossary at the back of the book making
this a great resource for schools/teachers as well. And even though this book
is recommended for ages 6 to 8, my five and fourteen year olds loved reviewing
this book with me. So don’t let the suggested ages fool you. Any child would
have a great time reading, learning and doing the activities in this book.


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