Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tales from the Crypt #9: Wickeder-Book Review

By: Stefan Petrucha, Maia Kinney-Petrucha, Margo Kinney-Petrucha, Scott 
Lobdell, Jim Salicrup, writers; and Diego Jourdan, Rick Parker, James 
Romberger, and Marguerite Van Cook, artists
Published by: Papercutz          Date: September 28, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59707-215-1
Price: $6.99
Ages: 9-12
Rating:  4 stars
Reviewed by: Nancy Messmore

Synopsis:  The Crypt-Keeper returns with his GhouLunatics for the ninth incarnation of twisted tales and peculiar parodies.  Three tales are introduced by the Crypt-Keeper and friends in ghastly good humor.

The first tale is a sequel.  Because the parody of Diary of a Wimpy Kid was so successful, Glugg returns in “Dead Dog Dies!”  Celebrating his one year death day isn’t all Glugg thought it would be—zombies don’t do gifts.  Thanks to his one living friend, Crowley, Glugg may still have something other than dirt to open.

In the second story, nature takes revenge after an oil spill at an off-shore drilling rig.  “Kill, Baby, Kill!” pits big business, green advocates and a surprise avenger against each other.  Who will win?  The scariest part of this story is how close it hits home.

The graphic novel ends with the Crypt-Keeper’s friend, the Old Witch, presenting a play.  “Wickeder” is based on “Frank N. Balmed’s Wizard of Ooze.”  The story follows Dotty’s trial in the murder of Alfalfa, the Wickeder Witch.  All preconceptions are destroyed in this retelling of a classic story. 

Overall thoughts:  Because this graphic novel continues in the Tales of the Crypt tradition, readers will expect a bit of guts and gore with a lot of tongue-in-cheek.  All of that is served with illustrations that seamlessly shift styles to enhance each story.  Add text that delivers shocks and laughs simultaneously and you’ve got a fun read for older tweens.  Parody fans of all ages will find this a satisfying read as well.

For me, the word play was most fun.  The Crypt-Keeper’s puns were fairly obvious but still made me chuckle.  However, the witticisms in the three main stories often had me laughing out, (I apologize to the people sitting near me at library).  That wittiness is why I like this book so much:  I think humor is the best way to coerce reluctant readers into picking up books.  With the humor and terrific art, I expect many reluctant readers will be making friends with the Crypt-Keeper and his GhouLunatics.



  1. This sounds like my kind of book!! My list of to buy is growing by the minute.

  2. It does sound good, Happy reading. Thanks for stopping by.



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