Saturday, October 30, 2010

Try This Reading and Writing Activity with Your Child

Do you want to include a fun reading activity with a twist
during family night this week? Here is an idea. Take this easy reader story and
change the name of the character to the name of your child. Then have your
child change the name of the dog and the items found on the hunt for the brown
shoe. You can help your child to learn new words and increase your child’s
interest in reading and writing by making this story their own.
The Missing Brown Shoe
Kylie (insert your child’s name) is missing her brown shoe.
She looks under her bed.
No brown shoe.
Kylie looks in her closet.
She finds pink fluffy slippers. ( insert other items in your
child’s closet)
She finds purple flip-flops.
There is a yellow hula hoop.
Kylie is still missing her brown shoe.
Kylie looks behind the bathroom door.
No brown shoe.
She looks under the sofa in the den.
No brown shoe.
“Kylie, please let Hendrix (insert your dog’s name)
outside.” said Mommy.
Kylie calls her dog.
Hendrix runs to the door chewing on the missing brown shoe.
“OH NO!” yells Kylie, “Now I have to find my blue shoes.”
See how many ways your child can change the story.
Have your child draw pictures to illustrate their favorite parts of the story.
Most of all have fun with it.

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  1. Send in your child's story and picture for posting here on the blog. We look forward to seeing what you create.



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