Monday, November 22, 2010

Horatio Humble- A Picture Book about Dyslexia.

If you have a child struggling with dyslexia, Margot Finke's new book will be just what the doctor ordered. It will touch your child's heart with the rhyming words and text.  Click to review the book trailer to see what all the excitment is about.
Margot Finke has several other books too that will inspire the reluctant reader about fun things like rattle snake jam and hippo behinds.

TRAILER for “Horatio Humble”  –
my new PB about dyslexia.

Pretty cute I think.

Margot Finke -
Books + Manuscript Critiques

“Horatio Humble Beats the Big D” – dyslexia.
Read this book to a dyslectic child.
If Horatio can triumph, so can your child.

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