Friday, November 19, 2010

Letters to Africa- Sharing Books and Writing with Children

Here is a wonderful example of children sharing their culture with other children. Children’s author, Dorothy Massey was part of the Letters to Africa project. This short post is her explanation of the project. The book can be purchased and is well worth sharing with the children in your family. You can read more about this project at

Letters to Africa contains letters between children in the UK and the African countries of Kenya and Zambia, with contributions from authors Lauren St. John, Mary Hoffman and Ifeoma Onyefulu.  Find out about the amazing Sport in Action programme, marvel at stunning photographs and illustrations by Uclan students, discover interesting facts about the Massai warriors and even learn how to speak their language. The book draws on the talents and knowledge of people from a wide range of disciplines - publishers, authors, illustrators, photographers and linguists included. School children, students, and professionals all worked together to produce a book which is as unique as it is insightful. A lovely gift for yourself or a child, it's both beautiful and educational. Most important of all, as all proceeds go to improve educational resources for children in Africa, you're giving others the gift of education too.

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