Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mummy Mazes: A Monumental Book

By: Elizabeth Carpenter         
Published by: Workman Publishing    Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7611-6074-8
Price: $10.95
Ages: 6-12
Rating:   5 stars
Reviewed by: Nancy Messmore

Synopsis: Professor Archie Ologist needs help!  He has collected 28 oversized mazes that need to be solved.  Once each maze is worked out, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic is uncovered; collect them all and solve the whole puzzle!

Before solving the maze on each 12” x 17-1/2” page, the professor has important background facts to read.  Each page can be colored and torn out to hang as posters.  Solving all of the puzzles is only half the fun.  When the final message from the mummy is decoded, readers will have learned about ancient Egypt. 

Overall thoughts: Combining a history lesson with enormous mazes is a fun way to support what children are learning in school.  In fact, this book supplements lessons on ancient Egypt by reinforcing information in an entertaining format.  Once complete, each page can be removed from the book and hung on the wall as reference.  Teachers and homeschoolers will appreciate this aspect of the book.  Parents will also want to have a copy at home to reinforce lessons from school in an entertaining format.

This is not just a coloring book or a simple book of puzzles.  The mazes are challenging and children will need to use their best problem-solving skills to work through the book.  But do not fear—if a puzzle is too hard, answers are tucked in the back of the book!  Additionally, following the story of Professor Archie Ologist will engage readers; the tale is as entertaining as it is educational.  For entertainment with an educational twist, this book is the complete package that will engage readers and problem-solvers for a long time!


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