Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early with These Interactive Books for Kids

Check this out for your Christmas list.

This holiday season, Reader’ s Digest, an official Disney publishing licensee, is offering an exciting new line of interactive children's books based on the widely anticipated Disney film Tangled (release date: November 24) and Disney Pixar Toy Story 3, the blockbuster No. 1 hit film of the summer. Each book comes equipped with moving pieces and/or digital parts.

 Listed below is the new line of Disney storybooks from Reader’s Digest:

 Disney Tangled, Rapunzel's Dream, available is a storybook that includes a musical hairbrush that your child can use just as Rapunzel would in the actual movie. One wave brings this magical brush to life as it “sings” a lovely melody while combing magically through your child’s hair.

 Disney Tangled, Rapunzel's Magical Hair, is a great new storybook that features a removable light-up hair clip. Throughout the book children are encouraged to use this clip as Rapunzel would in certain scenes taken straight from the movie.

 Disney Tangled, Rapunzel's Adventures, is a storybook with a portable music player containing I See the Light, a song from the movie, as well as 19 additional tunes inspired by the film. This player can be used page-by-page along with the storybook or as a stand alone toy bringing to your child musical tunes for hours of play.

 Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Record-A-Book, is also available along with Disney Princess Dreams Record-a-Book. These new record-a-books are a great way for friends and family to be involved with a child's fun and learning. Pre-record your voice along with the pages of the book and surprise your loved one this holiday season.

Disney Pixar Toy Story 3, Together Forever, is a storybook and play box in one! This portable play box comes with a storybook, 33 press-out play pieces and 36 reusable stickers! Great for travel or fun at home, this book is sure to provide hours of fun for your little loved ones.

 Reader's Digest Children's Books is an official Disney Publishing licensee. The books are available now at retailers everywhere

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  1. I'm a big one to get all my shopping done before Thanksgiving and I'm happy to say I'm half way there.

    Thanks for the great post.



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