Monday, November 1, 2010

Tips from Stanley and Tyke on Gratitude

Fall is upon us. The air is crisper. The wind is cooler. And around the world, people everywhere are
bundling up to face the elements. Here in Storyville, Tyke and I enjoy the changing of the seasons. We especially like watching the kaleidoscope of colors seen as leaves tumble from the trees.
As the year winds down, we try to remember those people who have helped us, helped or given to others, or done a good deed. We are always thankful, but we want to show our gratitude. Gratitude is showing appreciation to someone for their acts of kindness. It can be shown in a variety of ways. Here are our top 5 ways we try to show gratitude to others:
1. Thank you notes
2. Small gift or token
3. Sharing values with others
4. Volunteering time
5. A letter of thanks
It may be easy to say “thank you”, but showing your appreciation will have a lasting impact. It is valuable, but
not expensive.  Help your child  learn the art of sharing their gratitude for others. The following titles are meaningful picture books meant to encourage thanksgiving. They are:
The Most Thankful Thing by
Lisa McCourt
I’m Thankful Each Day
by P.K. Hallinan
The Secret of Saying Thanks
by Douglas Wood
The Book of Giving: Poems of
Thanks, Praise and Celebration

by Kay Chorao
Parenting Tip: 
Letter writing is a great tool to foster the growth of penmanship, writing skills, and expressing thoughts and
emotions. There are 5 parts to a friendly letter. They are the heading (date);greeting (Dear ____,); body (the writing); closing (Sincerely,) and the signature. Take time this month to write a letter with your child. Help them to express their gratitude to someone special. Letter writing is an art form that, once encouraged, can last a life time.


  1. Great parenting tips, anyone else have more to add. We are always looking for tips to help families with the things that matter. Submissions are open. Let us hear from you soon.

  2. I love this post. The 'thank you' note is such a concrete lesson of appreciation that needs to be part of a child's life.




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