Monday, November 8, 2010

We Want Your Craft Ideas

Here at Families Matter 2 Us blog we would love to have your easy craft ideas for kids of all ages. Is there a holiday craft you do as a family every Christmas? How about a spring or fall craft that is easy to make but fun for the whole family?

Send your craft submissions to to get your idea posted on our blog or in our online magazine. Until then, try this with your kids.

Eco-friendly Bird Feeder

What you need-

Cardboard toilet paper roll
Peanut butter or lard- ½ cup
Bird seed or cracked corn- 1 cup
Waxed paper
String or Jute to hang the feeder

1. Lay the waxed paper on a flat surface

2. Spread a thin layer of the peanut butter or lard onto the outside of the cardboard roll with a spoon.

3. Pour a small amount of the bird seed onto the waxed paper

4. Roll the peanut butter covered cardboard tube back and forth in the seeds until the area is covered with bird seed.

5. Run the string through the center of the tube bringing both ends together. Tie a knot to make the hanger.

6. Hang in a tree and watch the birds enjoy your treat.

This is a quick and easy craft. It feeds the birds and it is safe for the environment. The toilet paper cardboard rolls disolve in the rain and will mulch right into the ground. The string will be a welcome addition to a spring nest.

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