Thursday, December 9, 2010

J.D. Holiday..Slices from The Great Snowball Escapade

Come take a closer look at the new release from author J.D Holiday. It is a thrill to present this book to you  before the holidays. Take a peak at the picture and paragraghs here and then grab a copy for a wonderful gift idea this holiday. The book has real life characters that kids will relate to and what better way to get them reading.

The Great Snowball Escapade
Author: J. D. Holiday
Chapter book

Wilhemena Brooks’ cousin, Bud Dunphry come to live with her family. Wil, as she likes to be called, finds her pink pencil sharpener is missing after Christmas. Wil knows Bud has it! Who else would have taken it? Her mother told her to be nice to Bud and to treat him like she would like to be treated. If Wil treats Bud nicely does that change anything for her?

Here is a sample few paragraphs of this chapter book.
      The afternoon was ruined. Wil was lying on her bed looking out the window. Snow was falling again. She should be outside with her friends right now. But because of Bud she was stuck in her room.
Bud was in Jason's room. He was making pretend noises. It sounded like he was playing with cars. The car raced around crashing into things.
The pencil sharpener was on Wil's pillow. Her mother found it. It had never been used. All this time the sharpener was next to the music book on the piano. Her mother said it must have been there since her family sang carols on Christmas Day.
 Wil remembered now. She placed the sharpener on the piano while she sang

'Jingle Bells' with her brother, Jason who was home last week for the holiday.

All this time Bud did not have her sharpener. He had told the truth.

My take on it : This book is a story which includes characters who face a bully, make judgements without facts, and learn to get along together. The black and white illustrations are simple yet add some dimension to the story though the story-line stands alone. The characters are likeable and the theme is a common one amoung peers- learning to trust, get along, and compomise. Young readers will enjoy the story and leave with the satisfaction that all is not what it seems. I give the story a thumbs up. 

Author Bio (written in 3rd person): J.D. Holiday is the author and illustrator of two children’s books: Janoose the Goose, picture book and a chapter book for six to eight year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. A chapbook of her short stories called, Trespasses was published in 1994 and she has had short stories printed in literary magazines and numerous articles about writing and publishing published.  She is a member of both The Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators, (SCBWI) and Small Publishers of North America, (SPAN.)  J.D. Holiday lives in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania.


  1. Hi Terri!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful review!


  2. J. D. Holiday's book, The Great Snowball Escapade is perfect for six to eight year olds—
    a story with just the right amount of suspense.



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