Saturday, December 4, 2010

Solutions for Boosting Self--Esteem

AD/HD Success!  Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method (ages 7-17)
By: Kerin Bellak-Adams       
Published by: Loving Healing Press   Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61599-024-5
Price: $19.95
Ages: 7-17
Rating:   5 stars
Reviewed by: Nancy Messmore

Synopsis: Kerin Bellak-Adams is a former teacher of children with AD/HD.  The concept for this workbook came from her experiences “in the trenches,” so to speak.  She discovered that boosting self-esteem and developing self-awareness were keys to success for children with AD/HD.  As the book opens, background about the author and the disorder are presented.  Then caregivers and teachers are presented with information for using the workbook.  Even the children and teens receive instructions.  All of the directions are easy to follow and are explained in depth, which help the users succeed in using the workbook and diary pages. 

The first section, “Getting Started,” includes a reproducible “Home/School Daily Accountability Sheet.”  What a great way to provide continuity in assessing a child’s progress and/or identifying when or where problems begin.  The final pages of the book provide suggestions and questions for parents and teachers to use to facilitate the development of self-esteem.  Tips and resources are also provided.

The next section is for the child; it is the diary.  A questionnaire assessing self-esteem is to be copied and filled out before starting the daily diary.  In the future, self-esteem can be reassessed and compared to the benchmark results.  The meat of this book is this diary.  Each entry starts with a quote.  Then a single question is posed followed by space for a short-response to finish a thought-provoking question.  To end the daily diary entry, the child ranks his or her feelings for the day on a scale of 1-10.

Overall thoughts: Well, here’s another testimonial from personal experience.  Both of my children have ADD or AD/HD and we were blessed to work with an occupational therapist who recommended similar activities.  However, had this book been available at that time, it would have made our lives so much easier!  I found it hard to keep track of all the daily activities we were to use.  Writing daily notes to the teacher was cumbersome and some days I dreaded the return notes.  The correspondence for parents and teachers in this book are slanted toward reinforcing positive behaviors and offers a structured space for responses; I would have looked forward to these notes!  This volume provides a single location for parent, teacher and child input.  When a child has issues managing time, organization and himself or herself, having a single item to keep track of reinforces responsibility in an easy to manage way.


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