Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stanley and Tyke

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Here in Storyville, Tyke and I are eager and excited to participate in the upcoming festivities. There are many activities that have become traditions in our family. For example, each year we write letters to Santa Claus telling him our hopes and requesting our desires for Christmas. We enjoy getting together with others to go caroling around Storyville. On Christmas Eve we listen to a reading of The Night Before Christmas. These are traditions we enjoy each and every year.

Traditions are important family bonding rituals. They help to make the holidays special and memorable. What are your yearly holiday rituals? Do you cook a special dish or dessert? Do you play a certain game? Do you exchange gifts? Do you attend a religious ceremony? Family traditions play a significant role in holiday celebrations.  As a family, brainstorm, discuss and record the traditions and celebrations of your family. Is there a new tradition you would like to start this year?

Parenting Tip:

Children often do not realize the wide variety of traditions, cultures and celebrations throughout the world. Take the time this holiday season to explore your family celebrations as well as those around the world.  I’ve included a list of books you may enjoy reading with your child as you explore Christmas around the world.

Christmas Around The World by Mary D. Lankford
Christmas Around The World: A Pop-Up Book by Chuck Fischer
The Night Of Las Posadas by Tomie dePaola
Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanza Story by
Light the Lights! A Story About Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas by Margaret Moorman
My First Ramadan by Karen Katz
Lighting A Lamp: A Diwali Story by John Zucker
Bringing In The New Year by Grace Lin
Holidays Around The World series

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